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Female Banker Quits Job To Become Sex Toy Reviewer Instead

“I hated being a banker and now I get paid for doing something I feel really passionate about.”

One of the conveniences of the modern day is that one can always go online and check out reviews before spending money on anything. All it takes is a quick Google search and you’ll be able to know if something is worth your hard-earned cash or not.

Whether it’s a movie, a food item, a cleaning service, or a theme park, you can always read up some customer feedback somewhere. Simply put, we should all be thankful for reviewers! They make our lives so much easier.

But what about sex toys, you ask? Well yeah, there are some people who do that, too. In fact, we know one who does it full-time – and she was a former bank employee!

Meet Cara Douglas, a reviewer of vibrators, lubes, and other adut toys.

According to a LadBible feature, Cara got “bored of her regular job” and so she decided to do something a bit more exciting. Now the woman from Lincolnshire, England is earning about £30,000 a year.

Plus she experiences lots of orgasms along the way.

Apparently, Cara didn’t enjoy working as a banker.

In her own words, Cara explained:

“I have always loved sex toys so I am very lucky to have made a career out of what was my hobby.

“I hated being a banker and now I get paid for doing something I feel really passionate about.

“I am earning half what I was in banking but I am having twice as much fun.”

Reviewing the toys have even enriched her sex life with fiance Darren.

Another perk of her new work is that, according to her, reviewing toys has been beneficial for her and her partner in the bedroom.

Cara shared:

“Obviously that is fun to do but you have to maintain your professionalism and work out what aspects of the product work well and what don’t.

“Overall, I would say that my job enhances our sex life. Sex is like a muscle – the more you use it, the more active it is.”

It’s definitely a life-changing career for Cara!

“Sex toys have changed my life in so many positive ways.

“To me they are like sexual ‘seasoning’ – they add so much flavor to sex and can bring greater levels of intimacy to your sex life as a couple. They make sure things never get stagnant.”

Since she began, Cara has reviewed more than 3,000 products so far.


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