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Can you find what’s odd in these photos? You might have to look again to see!

These photos will make you look twice or even thrice to see what's odd.

People nowadays document everything they do. From the moment they wake up with #WokeUpLikeThis selfies and hashtags, to #FoodPor and travel pictures, it seems like our cameras and phones is fast becoming our trusty companions.

But then, sometimes we get hilarious (or shocking!) photos due to photobombs or some other attention-grabbers. Look closely at the following photos and let’s see if you can spot what made these otherwise perfect photos odd! 🙂

15. So confusing!

14. Oops it's not what you think it is!!!

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13. A perfectly fine selfie… wait where's the camera?!

12. Can that poor baby even breathe?

11. Can you find the seventh person in this picture? 🙂

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