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Calf Born on Valentine’s Day Has a Perfect Heart-Shaped Mark on Her Forehead

Also, she has shiny light brown coat, huge eyes, and lush eyelashes!

  • She was named Be My Valentine and was registered as such on her official paperwork.
  • The farmer’s three children loved the adorable calf.
  • The calf’s calm demeanor made her a perfect playmate for the kids.

An animal born with a perfect heart-shaped mark on its head on Valentine’s Day? What are the odds, you might ask, but it really happened. The stars must have aligned for this adorable calf!

A female jersey calf was born on the day of hearts this 2020 and was perfectly named Be My Valentine. She is a product of two cows from Parkshaw Farm, located in Bushmills County in Antrim, Ireland.

She is your Valentine!

Farmer James McAuley was delighted upon seeing the girl calf’s unique mark, positioned smack on its forehead.

“I’ve seen ones kind of like it but it’s just the date, being Valentine’s Day. It was my mum that said ‘look at the heart on her head!'” he told Belfast Live.

Aside from having such a distinctive mark, Be My Valentine looks downright cute, with her shiny light brown coat, huge eyes, and lush eyelashes.
The heart mark and the special birthdate prompted McAuley to name the calf as such and had it placed on its official paperwork.
As expected, Be My Valentine became a hit to the farmer’s three children.

Jack, Emily, and Harry simply adored the calf. Photos showed them posing with the calf on the haystack.

According to McAuley, Be My Valentine turned out to be a great playmate for his kids because of her calm demeanor.

“They just love the wee jersey calves, their nature is very different to other calves,” he said.

Still, he couldn’t believe the love and attention that the calf got online.

Animals born with heart-shaped markings is nothing new. A fair number of cats and dogs have them. In Be My Valentine’s case, it’s more striking since it is perfectly positioned AND she was born on Valentine’s Day, too.


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