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Brother Swaps His Pants With Sister’s Skirt So She Can Take College Exam

“My sister cannot take her college admissions test wearing this skirt, so I let her borrow my pants.”

Susie Steck




  • A concerned brother in Cebu, Philippines, swapped his pants for his sister’s skirt, so she can take her college entrance exam with the appropriate attire.
  • Netizens lauded him what he did for his sister.
  • Meanwhile, other guys who saw his post said they will also do the same thing for their sisters.

A Facebook post made by Jann Christian Bungcaras, 25 years old, of Cebu City caught the attention of netizens everywhere after he shared his photos, showing him wearing his sister’s skirt. Jea, 18, was about to take a entrance exam.

It appeared that Jea’s yellow skirt was too short to pass in the university’s strict dress code. So as a solution, Jann willingly swapped his black pants with his sister’s skirt so she can take the exam in her dream school.

In an interview with a local media, Jann said that he accompanied his sister to the venue and they both thought that examinees wearing shorts were the only ones who aren’t allowed to take the exam.

Jea’s exam was scheduled at 8 a.m. and the siblings arrived at about 7:40 a.m. Upon their arrival, they were refused entry by the security officer at the gate.  

The two spoke with the school administration, insisting that “shorts were the only ones (clothing) not allowed”. However, school officials stood firm by their dress rules and stressed that she cannot take the test.

After overhearing that his sister needed to be in the room by 7:50 a.m., Jann then thought of a clever idea:

So like Kathniss from Hunger Games I volunteered to lend her my pants and dragged my sister where the restrooms are and stripped my pants off without hesitation by the door so that she can change in the restroom,” he shared.

It was  a fast swap, he added, and he was in his boxer shorts in front of everyone while waiting for her sister to hand him her skirt.

“When I went out the restroom in her skirt, there were 4 students who were late and they needed to the first part of the exams. So the switcharoo was worth it,” he said in a report.

Some college universities in the Philippines have strict requirements in accepting students in their institutions. Some of the requirements include passing an entrance exam, and having an 85% general average grade from secondary school, among others. 

Meanwhile, we learn that Jann is actually a fashion designer who loves showcasing sustainable fabrics and distributes them globally.

After the post went viral, he took time to edit his post so he also added his Instagram link perhaps as a way to tell others about his designs.

He then received countless praises from both friends and strangers:

Someone even commented he will also do the same thing for his sister, just in case.

Kudos to you, Jann, for being an awesome brother!

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