6-Year-Old Boy Saves Sister From Dog Attack, Receives ‘Captain America’ Shield And Other Gifts

Bridger Walker took dog bites in the face while saving his sister from a vicious dog attack.

  • Bridger Walker, a six-year-old boy, has joined the ranks of the world’s modern “heroes” after saving his four-year-old sister from a vicious dog attack.
  • Bridger took several dog bites for his sister so they could run away to safety.
  • He received 90 stitches and words of encouragement from celebrity heroes including Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland.

Bridger Walker, 6, from Wyoming, has been on the receiving end of some celebrity attention after he went viral for being his little sister’s hero. According to reports, Bridger jumped in between his four-year-old sister and a vicious dog, resulting in several dog bites on his head. Despite the dog attack, Bridger kept his senses and held his sister’s hand while they ran to safety.

After the incident, they took Bridger to the hospital where he received 90 stitches from a two-hour surgery under a skilled plastic surgeon. His aunt Nicole Walker also said that the owners of the dog have been kind and Bridger and his family do not resent them at all.

After Nicole posted Bridger’s story on Instagram, it went viral resulting in tons of messages of love for the six-year-old hero. Among the messages he received were from celebrities including Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and Brett Michaels.

Anne Hathaway, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Holland, Hugh Jackman, Zachary Levi, the Russo brothers and Robbie Amell also reached out to them, according to the family.

Chris Evans promised to send an authentic Captain America Shield.
Robert Downey Jr. promised a surprise on his next birthday.
Tom Holland a.k.a. Spider-Man also has a few words for Bridger, the young hero.
Brett Michaels is sending one of his favorite guitars, which made Bridger cry.
Mr. Beast, Bridger’s favorite YouTuber, also made an effort to reach out.
Anne Hathaway even asked Mark Ruffalo if he needs a new teammate.

His aunt also made a gratitude post for the other stuff that Bridger received.

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