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Boyfriend Invited Friends To Rape His Girlfriend Before Trying To Beat Her To Death

A woman nearly got killed by her drunk boyfriend who asked his friends to rape her before beating her almost to death.

Some girls aren’t very picky when it comes to choosing the men they enter a relationship with. Because of this, many would end up with the wrong person. Worse, some would even fall into the hands of the one who could send them to their deathbeds.

Records in America state that one in three women becomes a victim of physical abuse by their intimate partners. Carleigh Hager is one of the unfortunate ones who was treated cruelly by her own boyfriend.

Carleigh Hager’s story is just another warning to women out there to be extra cautious in choosing your relationships.

Source: gofundme

Carleigh used to live happily until the night of October 22, 2016 when her life was greatly threatened by her then-boyfriend, Ryan Cameron. The couple along with three other friends came home from a wedding. Bonding through the night, the group didn’t expect that their perfect night will end up into something terrifying.

Carleigh hid the hints on the abuses she had been enduring in her relationship with Ryan Cameron.

Source: youtube
Until the tragic night came when Ryan almost killed her!

Source: youtube

Ryan, who was then very drunk, started to act aggressively towards Carleigh. He insulted the 25-year-old woman in front of his friends, but what’s worse is that he asked the other boys to rape her. Already feeling afraid, upset Carleigh then decided to leave the boys and went to bed. She hoped for Ryan to calm down as soon as he lose sight of her, but it was the opposite that happened.

Carleigh was almost unrecognizable after Ryan mercilessly beat her.

The furious man broke into Carleigh’s room and started the abuse. Ryan’s friends tried to stop him but he was too strong and threw the guys out of the house instead. The man then locked the door from the inside and continued to beat Carleigh.

The friends then called 911 for help but while rescue was on its way to the site, Ryan kept hitting his girlfriend where he even threw her to the ground. The woman tried to fight back, desperate to save her life, but Ryan was persistent in hurting her.

The police then arrived just in time to prevent Ryan from killing his girlfriend. But when the cops entered the house, Carleigh was already all covered in blood. The victim was then rushed to the hospital where she was found with severe wounds all over her body and face. It was also found out that her attacker even tried to tear her tongue out.

Fortunately, rescue came just in time to save her from death.

Source: youtube

Carleigh was saved from her injuries and wounds although it took three weeks before she was able to eat again. The woman was able to recover from her physical wounds but the pain she feels inside her heart and her trauma might need more than just medicine and therapy to heal.

Although some of her wounds already healed, Carleigh still needs cosmetic surgery for her face to fully recover.

Source: youtube

Carleigh revealed that she had been living in fear of her boyfriend for quite a long time already. Nobody noticed about the potential threat to her life as Carleigh made it seem like she was happy with Ryan on her social media posts.

The Indianapolis native now warns others not to make the same mistakes as she did. She advised:

“You have to tell somebody. You can’t be embarrassed… You can’t be ashamed. You have to tell somebody because I almost died and it can happen.”

Ryan is already behind bars but Carleigh and her family will stop at nothing for him to be imprisoned for a long time.

Source: youtube

Carleigh and her family continues to hope that the court handling her case will deliver justice. According to Newsner, Ryan is currently locked up in prison as he awaits for his sentence.

A GoFundMe page was set up by Carleigh’s family in the hopes to raise money for a plastic surgery. Her mom, Amy Ballard, is concerned of her future saying:

“She’s such a beautiful person inside and out…Her strength and beauty is inside and the scars will heal and in time so will her heart.”

Hear more of Caarleigh’s story from the video below:

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