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The ‘Booze Bangle’, A Stylish Bracelet That Doubles As A Sneaky 100ml Hip Flask





While hip flasks look cool and timeless in their own right, it wouldn’t hurt to tweak their design a little bit to be more fashionable. Okay, and maybe to be a little more discreet, too. A new take on the hip flask design is going viral in and out of Australia. Aptly called the Booze Bangle, the stylish bracelet doubles as a flask that can store up to 100ml of alcohol.

The newest accessory for avid drinkers is being sold by several Australian retailers, such as Cocktail Queen, Gibsons Homewares, and Best in Store, and it’s quite a good fit for ladies who want to keep their day drinking discreet. Moms tired of everyone’s prying eyes can finally have the drink they deserve without fear of being judged.

This bangle holds a secret your friends will totally love.

The Booze Bangle is made of stainless steel.

The bracelet comes in three metallic colors–gold, silver, and rainbow–keeping in mind the fashion-forward lady’s need to coordinate her accessories with the rest of her outfit. The inner diameter measures 2.7 inches (6.8 cm), while the outer diameter is at 3.8 inches (10 cm).

The item is being marketed as the perfect Christmas gift for women…

…who love to drink and stay in style.

The Best in Store website describes the product as:

“A little bit naughty, but oh so much fun. If you fancy a drink why not take it with you and look fabulous at the same time. Just fill your Booze Bangle with your favourite poison & drink it for when you really need it. Like right now.”

It is a bit naught, we’ll have to agree. But simply taking off the screw-top and pouring out your drink when you really need it sounds good to us.

What do you think, ladies? Fancy a drink from a Booze Bangle?