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20 Bizarre Foods You Won’t Believe People Are Actually Eating

Would you eat any of these?

Are you ready for some exotic and weird dishes from different places in this world? Do you think your stomach can handle them?

Are you willing to go as far as eating them just so you can say that you have tried everything the world has to offer?

If you are up for the challenge, check out these 20 wildly created recipes from all over the world.

Some people actually like these foods, while some just can’t handle them.

#1. Fried Tarantula, Cambodia

You may find these Tarantulas utterly gross, but there are actually people in some parts of this world that eat these more often as those who eat spaghetti.

These poisonous spiders are a common delicacy in Cambodia and can be found anywhere within the country.

Source: buzzodd

#2. Live Cobra Heart, Vietnam

Vietnamese people love it! Although this is not a common dish, people from this side of the globe seem to have a soft spot in their heart for Cobra’s internal parts. No pun intended.

It is said that people who eat the heart of a cobra will endure some sort of a supernatural strength.

#3. Century Egg, China

Century egg, also known as pidan, is a Chinese delicacy that has been made famous many years ago.

Chinese people also call this as a hundred-year old egg or a thousand-year old egg.

#4. Balut, Philippines

Source: shankar s.

This popular exotic food from the Philippines is slowly gaining worldwide attention after being featured in some international food shows.

You can see the duck embryo as you put it inside your mouth. Some people love Balut, while some just can’t handle the sight of it.

#5. Snake Wine, Vietnam

Source: Deror Avi

Vietnam really likes their food wild. You may want to have some of this to go with the “live cobra heart.”

Source: retirednoway

This unusual wine is made by infusing a whole snake in rice wine.

Source: Jorge Lascar

Source: Banana tree
#6. Frog Legs, Southern United States

Although this dish is also populare in France and China, Americans from the Southern parts of the country have an uncanny addiction with frog legs.

Source: Simon Law

Many people say they taste like chicken!

#7. Casu Marzu, Italy

Source: Shardan

How do you like your cheese to be served? With maggots? Most people would probably say no…

Source: lisoladiminu

Casu marzu is a traditional Italian sheep milk cheese, infamous for containing live maggots.

Source: grubstreet

#8. Wasp Crackers, Japan

Source: rocketnews24

Some people actually think that the photos are fake. Sorry to disappoint them but these pictures are very real. Wasp crackers are a very popular snack in Japan.

Source: rocketnews24

Source: rocketnews24

If you hear a buzz sound on your crackers, you’ll know you are in Japan.

Source: rocketnews24

Source: rocketnews24
#9. Monkey Brains, China

Source: Cara Chow

It is one of those foods that your gut would definitely hate. Some Chinese would even go as far as eating them raw. Now, that’s just disgusting!

One terrible thing about its preparation is they would actually remove the brain out of a live monkey.

#10. Durian, South East Asia

Source: مانفی

Some people might disagree of this list because of Durian. It is considered as the most delicious fruit by many people in Asia..

Source: bluebalu

Nevertheless, Durian smells like rotten eggs and vomit. It smells so bad that some airports all around the world and many hotels in Asia have banned them.

#11. Haggis, Scotland

Source: Thinkstock

Haggis is a tasty pudding containing sheep’s heart, liver and lungs. This could be one of the few dishes from Europe that have shocked a lot of people.

There is also vegetarian haggis based on beans.

#12. Sannakji, Korea

Would you eat a live octopus? I certainly don’t think so, but it is definitely worth a try if you ever go to Korea.

Koreans actually love to eat them while the tentacles are still moving.

Source: ytimg

#13. Birds Nest Soup, China

Source: Uwe Aranas

In some parts of China, this delicacy is made for medicinal purposes.

Food critics call this as the “Caviar of the East.” This is a rare dish in most parts of the world but very common in Asia.

Source: Audrey
#14. Sea Urchin, Asia

Source: sardegna

Some people may find this strange but sea urchins are a very popular source of food in Asia.

It is best served fresh but one has to be very careful, those sharp spikes are nasty.

#15. Crickets, Thailand

This insect is a popular snack in Thailand. They make a candy out of crickets.

Some people actually like to eat them while they are still alive. Imagine those legs moving inside your mouth.

#16. Escargot, Portugal, Spain and France

Source: Skeeze

Source: Mmcdj

The escargot is a cooked land snail. They are normally being served as appetizers in several countries in Europe.

Some people say that the escargot is one of the best dishes in the world.

#17. Stuffed Camel,Ethiopia

It is considered as the largest item on any menu in the world. It is said to be one of the traditional Bedouin wedding dishes.

A full grown camel is being skinned and washed after taking out its inside and stuffed it with a few sheep, lambs and several chickens.

#18. Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is common known as civet coffee is a popular drink all over the world. It is expensive and rare.

The processing cycle of this coffee is very interesting. It is made only in Indonesia.

Source: Jordy Meow

#19. Fried Brain Sandwiches, United States

A fried-brain sandwich is a popular item in the Southern parts of the US that is generally served as sliced calves’ brains on sliced bread or buns.

This dish has slowly gained popularity in some other parts of the United States. I guess some people just like to eat brains.

Source: Glane23
#20. Hakarl, Iceland

Source: Audrey

Hakarl is a national dish of Iceland made of rotten shark meat.

Source: Chris 73

The dish is actually toxic and dangerous if preparation is not done right.

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