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Tong zi Dan: A Chinese Delicacy With A Disgusting Special Ingredient





Let’s admit it, China is home to some of the most bizarre and unbelievable food delicacies in the world. And we have featured lots of them as articles already. But as it turns out, there is still another Chinese delicacy that is equally shocking as the ones we featured before like human placenta, rats and even fetuses!

Tong Zi Dan is a Chinese delicacy predominantly found in the DongYang province of China. It is considered a springtime snack by the locals. Tong Zi Dan is a flavorful hard-boiled egg. So far so good right?

Tong zi dan, looking like normal hard-boiled eggs…


Photo credit: MInistry of Tofu

So what’s the big deal with hard-boiled egg you say? For the record the eggs used are poultry eggs yes and that is pretty normal. But it is the “stock” or the “broth” by which the eggs are being boiled over. This is not just any ordinary flavored water or soup. The broth is actually boys’ urine!

The endless source of the magic ingredient: urine from schoolboys!


Photo credit: Ministry of Tofu

Tong Zi Dan literally translates to “boy’s egg” or “virgin egg”. It might have gotten its name because the urine used is from young schoolboys. Buckets are set up outside Chinese elementary classrooms, and are collected by restaurant owners in the afternoon to make their tasty local dish.

The process of cooking Tong zi Dan


Photo credit: What's on Xiamen

The eggs are boiled in the urine, once hardboiled, the egg shells are peeled off. Then, the “naked” eggs are put back into the broth to absorb as much flavor as possible! Well there’s one reason it is a Chinese delicacy, we surely cannot find it anywhere else in the world!

Would you like to try Tong Zi Dan?


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