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Bikers Spotted an Abandoned Crate. What’s Inside Changed their Lives Forever!

This is gonna make you cry…


I love, LOVE animals so whenever I see or read stories of animals being abused or abandoned, it really destroys my day. Of course, whenever I read about animals being rescued and given the chance to have forever homes, it really warms my heart. This is one of those stories.

Bret Winingar was riding his motorcycle with his son Zach on a warm, sunny day. As they passed a field, they saw something unusual on the side of the road – an abandoned pet carrier. Father and his son decided to step off their bikes and check it out.

It was a good thing they did so, because what they saw inside filled them with shock and horror.

The animal carrier they spotted looked like it had been there for quite some time.


Photo credit: Bret Winingar
The hole in the crate means something was desperately trying to chew its way out.


Photo credit: Bret Winingar
When they unlocked the crate, there was a little dog covered in waste, scared and emaciated. Hunched over from being stuck in a tiny space for a very long time.


Photo credit: Bret Winingar
Father and son drove off to get some food for the poor dog, which she excitedly woofed down.


Photo credit: Bret Winingar


An Elephant Was Trapped In The Mud For 12 Hours. Then Something EPIC Happened!

Check out the moving video of the dramatic rescue of an elephant trapped in the mud.


After spending 12 hours trapped in a mud pit near Chyulu Hills National Park in Makindu in Kenya, a helpless elephant was finally rescued by construction workers.

Apparently, the young elephant was looking for water in the area, but ended up sliding into the muddy pit. Local farmers found the distressed mammal trying to escape its murky prison, but failed to help hit get out.

Fortunately, wildlife conservationists were able to get the help of a construction company China Road and Bridge Corporation. The group of construction workers working on a nearby railroad rescued the elephant by digging the mud to free the animal.

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These Skeletons are Hugging and Kissing Before A Crowd. When They Came Out, Everyone was Smiling!

Love Knows No Labels. This presentation of Skeleton Hugs proves it. Watch this moving video!

Love is the very reason why we live. That is because it is human to love, and to want to feel loved. We are all destined to share that gift with one another, no matter how diverse our races, religions, and genders are. No judgments, prejudices, and stereotypes can get in the way of a heart that truly cares. Because at the end of the day, LOVE. WILL. CONQUER. ALL.

The video below is a heartwarming presentation of the different kinds of love that exist in the world. It is a unique and very creative way of showing that love does not have to be a boy-girl, young sweet love that the society dictates to be appropriate. Love is about being able to embrace the differences of one another, and yet still hold on to that same great love that can move mountains. It is a real tearjerker, and I bet you'll find yourself not being able to control the "Awwwwwww!". Share the love and make someone feel good today!

Watch the heart-warming video:

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They Were About To Lose Their 11-Year-Old Pit Bull; So They Gave It A Vacation Of A Lifetime

What a touching story.


If there are creatures who give humans unconditional love, it would have to be dogs. Case in point: Japan’s well-loved dog Hachiko. The Akita dog proved to everyone that dogs are capable of real and unconditional love when the loyal dog waited for its master for 9 years.

As dog owners, do we ever give our furry pets the unconditional love they deserve? How much time and effort are you willing to give your dog?

Remember the story of a girl who took her beloved dog on an epic adventure? This is a similar story. When photographer Zhenia Bulawka and her boyfriend Christian learned that their 11-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier’s life is about to end pretty soon, they thought of giving it a special gift.

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