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Beware of Rat and Fox Meats Being Sold As ‘Boneless Chicken Wings’ from China

Beware: Check your meats first before buying it!

There have been numerous reports of counterfeit products in China for the past years, they were accused of producing fake items from garments to food like milk, vegetables, meats and many more.

Recently, several cases of fake food produced by China were confirmed. There was a viral video that surfaced on how to make a fake cabbage in China, it really looks like a cabbage and many people were lured by it.

Another case was the fake rice made by plastic. There were many factories and sellers that have been closed because of the production of fake rice. Eating fake rice is highly dangerous to human’s health.

Recently, it was reported that fake muttons are present in the market.

Watch the Fake Meat Scandal, Rat and Fox Meats Transformed Into Fake Muttons:

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Now, another counterfeit product from China was discovered. 20,000 fox and rat meat were found in China; they use this and sell in public as “boneless chicken wings” and “muttons”. There are about 900 people arrested because of their involvement on this meat scandal crime. The production and selling of this was ceased.

Sadly, there are about 300,000 pounds of fox and rat meat packed as mutton circulating in the market. People who sell fox and rat meats earn millions of dollars and now hundreds of cases about meat production and selling are being investigated and observed.

It was also reported that a group of people in China use illegal chemicals to convert rat, mink and fox meats into fake mutton cuts.

Watch Additional Information Here:

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Jenny Brookside, FDA spokesperson said,

“If you find that your chicken wings taste slightly different from usual, it is a good bet that they might be counterfeit meat, but this can be easily hidden through the use of different ingredients and spices.”

Police in Zhejiang province already posted in Weebo, a guideline on how to distinguish real and fake mutton. This will help citizens in China check and discern the products they are buying in their markets.

These counterfeit products have serious effects on people’s health, this must be addressed right away.

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