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These Are the Facebook Reactions That You REALLY Want

For the truly brave!

So recently, Facebook rolled out five new Reactions that users can click with each post on their feeds. Now you can do more than just “Like” a post; you can also express your love, laughter, amazement, sadness, and anger.

To see the reaction options, just hold down the Like button (if you’re on mobile) or hover over it (if you’re using desktop). Five new reactions should be enough to cover all the emotions you want to express, yes?

Well, the comic genius that is Matthew Inman, popularly known as The Oatmeal, doesn’t think so. In fact, he suggests 13 more Reactions that will make reacting to posts definitely more interesting. I mean, just look at these…

Keep in mind that using these Reactions is for the truly brave. Obviously, not everyone will be totally okay with receiving these Reactions, so prepare for some potential unfriending or unfollowing from some of your friends. Now excuse me while I try to figure out how to use them…


15 Most Outrageous Celebrity Homes For Your Dream House Inspiration

Ever wondered what the homes of the rich and famous look like? Check these out!


Most people dream of big houses with several bedrooms, a swimming pool, a walk-in closet, a world-class kitchen, and a huge garage that could probably fit 5 to 10 cars. Some people even dream of having their own tennis court or a basketball court in their own backyard.

Entertainment is one of the biggest industries when it comes to business. Some of the wealthiest people in this world are Hollywood celebrities and sports figures who have accumulated their earnings from salaries and endorsements. One thing that's common to most of them is that they are not shy of showing off their wealth by buying luxurious houses that cost millions of dollars.

Check out these celebrity houses for your ultimate dream house inspiration....

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Guy Accidentally Creates An Awesome Commercial After Swinging An iPhone 6 While Skiing

You might want to buy an iPhone 6 after watching this guy’s skiing video!


For us amateurs, balancing on skis and sloping down some snowy hills can be hard enough. Add to that the challenge of filming ourselves skiing using a GoPro or an iPhone 6, and that sounds dauntingly difficult right? (Not to mention possibly humiliating to have a record of our epic skiing fails!)

But for 25-year old professional skier Nicolas Vuignier, taking videos of himself while skiing is as easy as a walk (or rather a ski) in the park.

Meet Nicolas Vuignier the Perfect. He is athletic, and artistic and good-looking too!

Meet Nicolas Vuignier, the Perfect. He is athletic, artistic and good-looking too! ...

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Grandparents Sing “Love Is An Open Door” In The Car – And It’s Surprisingly Awesome

What an adorable couple! Also, their grandson looks really entertained 🙂

If you are a parent, you know how much of a chore kids can be sometimes. That's why it's always a big pleasure whenever grandparents offer a helping hand. As the viral video below shows us, it looks like the kids themselves love it whenever grandpa and grandma spends time with them.

Grandparents Emile and Renee have been married for 26 years and it sure appears like they're having a lot of fun together.

In the video, you'll see the couple giving their grandson a car ride when suddenly, they break into an adorable cover of "Love Is An Open Door,” that song from the hit Disney blockbuster "Frozen."...

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