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These Are the Facebook Reactions That You REALLY Want





So recently, Facebook rolled out five new Reactions that users can click with each post on their feeds. Now you can do more than just “Like” a post; you can also express your love, laughter, amazement, sadness, and anger.

To see the reaction options, just hold down the Like button (if you’re on mobile) or hover over it (if you’re using desktop). Five new reactions should be enough to cover all the emotions you want to express, yes?

Well, the comic genius that is Matthew Inman, popularly known as The Oatmeal, doesn’t think so. In fact, he suggests 13 more Reactions that will make reacting to posts definitely more interesting. I mean, just look at these…

Keep in mind that using these Reactions is for the truly brave. Obviously, not everyone will be totally okay with receiving these Reactions, so prepare for some potential unfriending or unfollowing from some of your friends. Now excuse me while I try to figure out how to use them…

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