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Scientists Claim They’ve Finally Unlocked The Mystery Surrounding The Bermuda Triangle

Thanks to satellite images, a team of scientists claim they’ve figured out the reason why hundreds of aircraft and ships have mysteriously disappeared in the region.


The Bermuda Triangle has always been shrouded in great mystery.

Located in the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, the Bermuda Triangle is a spot where hundreds of aircraft and ships have suddenly disappeared for unknown reasons. Some have even attributed the incidents to extra-terrestrial or paranormal activity.

In 1945, for example, five American torpedo bombers and a plane were sent to the area and they eventually ended up vanishing without a trace. Most recently, the cargo ship “El Faro” disappeared in the area just last 2015.

The Bermuda Triangle has always been a notorious spot. Hundreds of aircraft and ships have mysteriously disappeared in the region.


Source: livescience

A group of scientists, however, are claiming that they have finally unlocked the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.

Scientists from the University of Colorado claim they’ve unlocked the mystery. They’ve noticed strange cloud formations which possibly causes “air bombs”.


In a Science Channel feature, a team of scientists from the University of Colorado said that they analyzed satellite weather images of this mysterious area and saw a series of unusual hexagonal clouds over the place which may possibly cause real “air bombs.“

According to the new theory, these “air bombs” blow up in the air and generate waves of over 45 feet high.


These air blasts are believed to be lethal since they can exceed 170 miles per hour. They “blow up” in the air and are capable of generating waves of over 45 feet in height. As such, no ship or aircraft could respectively survive the storm or the wind.

Of course, it should be noted that clouds usually do not form straight edges but, as it appears on the images, the Bermuda Triangle is an exception to the rule.

Watch the CNN video report here:

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This new theory has since sparked a lot of interest from scientists everywhere and so further research is now being carried out trying to determine the real reason of what causes these air bombs.


Ship That Went Missing For 132 Years Found Buried Under A Cornfield In Kansas

A ship that sank in the Missouri River on September 5, 1856 was missing for 132 years before some treasure hunters found it in Kansas in 1987.

The stories of some surprising finds are worth retelling. Such is the case with a ship called Arabia which was, strangely, found buried in a cornfield in Kansas.

On September 5, 1856, Arabia had embarked from St. Louis, Missouri. At that time, the muddy, swirling waters of the river was considered "the expressway to the West." However, it wasn't exactly a safe route.

An artist's rendition of the Arabia sinking.

An artist's rendition of the Arabia sinking.

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Archaeologists Puzzled To Find Ancient Roman Coins At Ruins Of Japanese Castle

The excavation at a Japanese castle led to the discovery of some ancient coins dating back to the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

Archaeologists in Japan have been doing excavations at Katsuren Castle in Uruma, Okinawa since 2013. In 2000, the Japanese castle was registered as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.

Just recently, though, some unexpected discoveries at Katsuren Castle have baffled experts.

The ancient coins were older than Katsuren Castle.

The ancient coins were older than Katsuren Castle.

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Codex Gigas or “The Devil’s Bible” is The Largest Medieval Manuscript in The World

This mystery behind the largest manuscript in the world.

Most of us are constantly amazed by the innovations and discoveries of the present. Looking back, however, some of us will realize that the strangest things and 'oddness' that fuels our curious minds come from olden times. As a result, many of the world mysteries will continue to fascinate us today.

The Codex Gigas, otherwise known as "The Devil's Bible" is renowned for being the most bizarre and the world's largest manuscript from the medieval period. It consists of 5 long texts and historical documents written in Latin--the Vulgate bible, Old and New Testaments, Ars medicinae (Art of Medicine) and Flavius Josephus' Antiquties of the Jews to name a few.

According to legends and stories, it was created by a Benedictine monk "Herman the Recluse" for only one night. He is believed to have made a pact with the devil in exchange for his soul.

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