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Couple On Caribbean Beach Gets Nasty Rashes After Worms Buried Into Their Bums

Beware when walking barefoot on sandy beaches.

It was supposed to be a relaxing Caribbean getaway for one couple but it turned out to be a nasty experience that they had to be sent to the hospital. After enjoying their holiday on the Martinique beach, the unnamed couple contracted burning rashes on their backsides.

The 52-year-old woman started to feel a burning sensation on her buttocks before pinprick markings began appearing the next day. Her husband, on the other hand, also developed an itchy rash after stopping by the island while they were on a cruise holiday.

The woman woke up to find this nasty rash on her behind.

Source: BMJ
Her husband had it too, but not as bad.

Doctors aboard the cruise ship had given the woman some antibiotics, steroid creams and antifungal agents. However, all these treatments proved to be ineffective. The woman’s rash worsened within 10 days after the first symptoms appeared. By that time, her husband told her that he, too, had similar problems.

The couple’s case was published in the British Medical Journal. It was then found out that the pair had contracted the parasitic infection called, cutaneous larva migrans, which is caused by hookworm larvae.

Doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, led by Dr. Douglas Maslin wrote that the husband’s rash was noted to have “equivalent distribution and morphology.”

Cutaneous larva migrans usually affect animals.

Source: Eraxion
But they can also infect humans.

Source: JAMA Network

The couple was then given an anti-parasitic drug that targets worms and also scabies and head lice. After five days, the woman was brought to the hospital with complaints of a dry cough and shortness of breath. Later on, the husband also had the same symptoms.

Doctors then found they had inflammation of the lungs, a condition called hypersensitivity pneumonitis, which may have been caused by worms able to reach the lungs. The patients received another dose of their medication, and after which, they started to feel better.

The hookworm larvae can penetrate into the human skin. Common symptoms include burning red spots, especially at the site of entry. Itchy rashes will soon follow.

Walking barefoot on beaches is one way of getting infected by the hookworm larvae.

Also, unknowingly stepping on feces-contaminated soil can cause infection. The particular condition caused by the parasites is also called creeping infection since the larvae can burrow deep in the skin’s surface and create red tracks or lines that are itchy. Dr. Maslin’s team said that, although the sole of the feet is the most common site of infection, it can still happen anywhere in the body.

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