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This Impressive Alarm Clock Brews Coffee to Wake You Up





Are you one of those folks who cannot function without having your coffee first thing in the morning? If so, then it would be best for you to switch from your good old alarm clock to this coffee-brewing piece!

The Barisieur is a dream come true for coffee lovers since it combines your alarm clock and brewer in one, making sure you wake up to the sound of bubbling water and the wonderful aroma of coffee or tea. The modern design of the Barisieur is composed of two important sections: a base composed of an alarm clock, a phone charger, and a storage compartment and a walnut tray on top which holds a glass bottle, cup, funnel, and a filter.

The Barisieur is composed of a base with an alarm clock, phone charger, and compartment and a walnut tray with the coffee-making system

Watch the video below to see how it works:

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For those who are interested in owning one, you may visit their Indiegogo page here.

Now, this is definitely an awesome way to start a beautiful day!

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