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This Impressive Alarm Clock Brews Coffee to Wake You Up

Now, this is definitely an awesome way to start a beautiful day!


Are you one of those folks who cannot function without having your coffee first thing in the morning? If so, then it would be best for you to switch from your good old alarm clock to this coffee-brewing piece!

The Barisieur is a dream come true for coffee lovers since it combines your alarm clock and brewer in one, making sure you wake up to the sound of bubbling water and the wonderful aroma of coffee or tea. The modern design of the Barisieur is composed of two important sections: a base composed of an alarm clock, a phone charger, and a storage compartment and a walnut tray on top which holds a glass bottle, cup, funnel, and a filter.

The Barisieur is composed of a base with an alarm clock, phone charger, and compartment and a walnut tray with the coffee-making system

Watch the video below to see how it works:

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For those who are interested in owning one, you may visit their Indiegogo page here.

Now, this is definitely an awesome way to start a beautiful day!


17 People With Unflattering Names Who Are Totally Winning The Game of Life

They didn’t let their names stop them from succeeding.

Sometimes you just can't win when your parents give you the most unfortunate monikers you have to live with for the rest of your life. Names hold power. And if a kid happens to have a funny-sounding or cringe-worthy name, imagine the amount of bullying they'll receive.

These 17 people have names you'd roll all over the floor laughing at, but they've transcended their misfortune and are totally winning at life.

Take for instance the cases of these individuals:

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Son Plays Epic Prank on Parents After 3 Years Away from Home and Losing 45 Pounds

But he couldn’t fool his mother.

A young man away from home for three long years decided to pay a visit to his family. What happened was a prank of monumental proportions when he played on his drastically changed appearance to see if his parents would recognize him.

Hadi Wibawa of Indonesia came home from London where he'd been studying for the last three years. Due to the excitements of the big city and the rigors of school, he'd lost a lot of weight. Forty-five pounds in fact. So he decided to trick his parents to see if they'd still know it was him.

A much thinner Hadi.

prank 1

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An American Ninja Warrior Contestant Ran The Course Dressed As a T-Rex and It Was Iconic!

With his huge head, tree-trunk neck and tiny arms, this dinosaur was undoubtedly the star of the show.

American Ninja Warrior is a U.S. sports entertainment show where extreme athletes compete in an difficult obstacle course to win a hefty cash prize. And of course, to capture the ultimate title of "American Ninja Warrior."

It's rare for an athlete who can complete the course, and only two warriors have so far achieved the ultimate goal. Now imagine a prehistoric creature actually competing in the grueling race.

A T-Rex did.

trex 1

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