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Baffled Owner Set Up Hidden Cam To See Who Raids The Fridge When Nobody’s Home.





Radio host Adam Montiel was baffled how his yellow Labrador, Allie, kept raiding the refrigerator when he wasn’t home. So he set up a hidden camera to catch his clever dog in the act and this is what he discovered!

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The video captures Allie making sure the kitchen is clear before she starts looking for food. First stop is the trash can. She knocked it over and when she couldn’t find anything delectable inside, she head straight to the freezer. Using her arms and paws, she systematically open it like a pro and grab a couple of frozen goodies.

Several minutes later, she came back and using her mouth she open the doors to the fridge, helping herself to snack after snack.

After watching the video footage, Adam finally realize what had happened.

My girlfriend taught Allie to open a drawer where Allie’s toys were, we didn’t even think that the freezer itself is a big giant drawer… with food! But how she opened the doors with her mouth, and at the hinges was incredible to us. Yes we feed her, she is a very smart and loving soul, and we love her more than anything.

I guess it’s the right time for him to put safety locks on his fridge!

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