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‘Baby Shield’ May Be The Best Baby Shower ‘Gift’ Ever

Shut up and take my money!

  • The ‘Baby Shield’ recently went viral on social media after it captured the attention of netizens, with many saying it is a ridiculous and unnecessary product.
  • It turns out, however, that the said ‘gift item’ is just a prank box.

Imagine with us for a moment. You’ve been invited to a baby shower and as the party draws nearer, you realize you still haven’t picked up a gift from the store. However, the thing here is that you don’t want to get common presents like baby clothes, diapers, feeding bottles, and the likes.

So what do you buy instead? Well allow us to give you a recommendation that’s guaranteed to elicit laughter – if not strange stares – from everyone, especially from the gift recipient.

The Baby Shield may either be the best or worst gift ever!

First off, we need to state the obvious: the Baby Shield isn’t an actual product but merely a gift box you can use to prank your friends and loved ones.

Enjoy mess-free parenting with the Baby Shield.

It would surely be hilarious if you’d make sure that you capture their reaction on camera as they unwrap your present.

It’s definitely perfect for parenting duties – and more!

The fake gift item’s box says the shield aims to protect parents from an infant’s “unexpected squires and spurts” plus it promises “laboratory-grade rubber gloves” and a “clear plastic screen” that could serve various purposes, as can be seen in the photo examples above. The possibilities are limitless!

But yeah, at the end of the day, you can just use the funny box to pack your real gift.

Aside from baby showers, we think this could also be useful whenever April Fools’ Day comes around, right? Right!

In case you seriously wanna get this hilarious prank box, you can order some via Amazon for $7.99.

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Baby Shield Prank Gift Box - Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Funny Gag Joke Gift Box
Simply put your real present inside the joke box and try to keep a straight face as you watch your friends and loved ones attempt to remain gracious while thanking you for the Prank Pack. Then watch them explode with laughter when they discover their actual stuff inside and realize they have been pranked.
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