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Each Morning, Her Father Sneaked in Her Room While She Was Sleeping Just To Do One Thing

This is a sad but beautiful story.

Gemma's binge-eating and bulimia lasted for 18 months.

Source: Gemma Walker
With the help of her family and her boyfriend, she is slowly recovering from the vicious cycle and is slowly healing.

Source: Gemma Walker
she thanks her family for helping her heal, but says that her boyfriend is the reason that she is still alive.

Source: Gemma Walker
Six months into her journey to recovery and Gemma has become a happy and confident woman.

Source: Gemma Walker
She has since launched her own line of skincare products and now serves as an inspiration to people with eating disorders.

Source: Gemma Walker
Some scars from when she cut herself remain and they serve as a reminder and reflection of where she came from and what she went through.

Source: Gemma Walker

It was indeed a difficult journey for Gemma and her family but seeing her recover and become who she is now must have been the most beautiful thing that they have witnessed.

So to everyone out there, before you question your own beauty or worth, just remember this – you are beautiful, you are enough.

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