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Angry Dad Chops Off Son’s Hand For Watching Too Much Porn

According to the father, his son was “badly addicted to watching porn… at the expense of his work, food, and sleep”.

Beyond providing and caring for their children, parents likewise have the important duty of disciplining whenever necessary. Fathers and mothers have the obligation to correct their sons and daughters’ wrongdoings while in their youth so they get to grow up as upright, responsible individuals.

There are, however, parents who go too far and do insane things in their attempts to teach their youngsters – such as this father from India who recently made headlines after brutally chopping the hand of his teenage son.

The problem? His son was watching too much porn on his smartphone.

According to reports, the incident happened in Hyderabad, a city in India. Apparently, 45-year-old Mohammad Qayyum Qureshi, who works as a butcher, wants to stop his son’s addiction with his brand new phone. Mohammad Khalid Qureshi, 18, who had worked as an assistant at a local TV cable operator, recently bought himself a smartphone and developed an addiction to watching adult movies on it.

Despite repeated warnings from his father, Khalid refused stop watching porn films and paid the ultimate price for it.

Qayyum caught his son watching porn again on Sunday, March 4, and tried to grab the device away from his son, who protested and even bit his father’s hand.

Khalid fled the house shortly after, only returning home later at night when everyone else in the house was already asleep.

The following day, the two had an argument again – and things took a violent turn.

Both father and son quarreled again the next morning and in a fit of rage Qayyum picked up his butcher’s knife and chopped off Khalid’s right hand

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Pahadishareef police inspector P Lakshmikanth Reddy shared:

“Hearing the son’s screams, the other family members came and immediately took him to a nearby hospital, where the doctors said the hand was 90% severed and the chances of restoring it are bleak.”

The father later surrendered himself to the authorities and he was given a 14-day pre-trial detention.

According to Reddy:

“The father has been booked under section 307 of Indian Penal Code (attempt to murder) and taken into custody.”

The father told the police that his son was “badly addicted to watching porn” on his device “at the expense of his work, food, and sleep”.

In 2017, India was the third-largest consumer of porn in terms of daily traffic behind the United States and United Kingdom, according to statistics released by the world’s most visited adult website, Pornhub.


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