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Alleged Rapists Stripped Naked And Paraded In The Streets of India

This is what happens when angry people take matters into their own hands…

What happens when angry people get a hold of two men accussed of raping a 17-year-old girl? Well this viral video from India shows us exactly that.

As you will see in the footage below, the two alleged suspects have been stripped naked and then paraded in the streets for everyone to see. Locals filmed the public shaming and shared the clips on social media.

Two men accused of rape have been paraded naked in the streets of India.

According to a report, the alleged rapists had been paraded “along the streets of Yingkiong – a town in the Upper Siang district of north-eastern India’s Arunachal Pradesh state.”

Eventually, the rapists were turned over to the authorities.

Police Deputy Inspector General John Neihlaia said:

“It seems the public did such a thing before handing the two to the police.”

Apparently, the victim went out with one of the men after meeting him online. Took things a horrific turn, however, when the guy – along with his three friends – raped the minor. All four men are in their early 20s, the reports say.

The rapists had their hands tied behind their backs – and they were slapped by the people.

Eventually, the victim’s parents filed a complaint. The relatives and neighbors caught two of the suspects.

Neihlaia confirmed his, sharing:

“The girl was dropped back at her home at 2am. Her parents lodged a complaint with the police in the morning.

“Meanwhile, the victim’s relatives and neighbours caught two of the accused and handed them over to the police.”

The police have since launched a manhunt for the two other suspects.

Watch the video here and see what happened:

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Netizens took the time to leave comments about the video with one commenting:

“Good job people of India. Hurt them GOOD!”

Meanwhile, another wrote:

“Even if you beat them and make them walk naked through the community streets they will never feel what that girl felt when they raped her. Their punishment should be longer.”


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