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Believe It Or Not: This Chic Device Is Actually An Umbrella With Air Control Technology. Amazing!





Don’t you hate it when you get stuck in the middle of the rain with your crisp corporate outfit waiting to be ruined by the inevitable splash of water? This is just one of the many hassles that the rainy season may bring about. And even if our umbrellas are expensive and look sturdy, the rain will always find a way to soak us.

This is why we are thrilled to find this new umbrella invention from China. It does not have brightly-colored cloth panels; it is made up of a motor, a lithium battery, a controller, and a master switch. Sounds very sophisticated? Well, it is! It is an amazing contrast to see a highly advanced device solve something relatively simple and naturally-occurring.

Lo and behold! The most advanced umbrella available today!


Photo credit: Kickstarter
It looks very chic, sharp, and perfect for those who fancy industrial/unconventional things.


Photo credit: Kickstarter
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