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She Saves a Disabled Dog from Euthanasia. Now, Daisy Seems to be the Happiest Dog in the World





In 2010, Daisy, a dog with special needs, was left on the streets of Bellflower, California. After months of staying inside an animal shelter, her handlers had no choice but to put her down.

Fortunately, an angel named Sheena came to save the poor dog. Sheena found her on Petfinder and decided to give the dog suffering from congenital deformities a home.

Since Daisy’s front legs are paralysed at the elbows and her wrists are twisted, she uses a special wheel cart to keep mobile. The wheel cart not only allowed Daisy to freely move around, it also boosted her confidence.

Sheena used the social media platform  not only to share incredible photos of Daisy. Through Daisy’s  inspiring story, Sheena is hoping to influence more people to adopt dogs with special needs.

Dogs with special needs are often euthanised.


Photo credit: Underbiteunite
Fortunately, an angel decided to give Daisy a chance to live by adopting her.


Photo credit: Underbiteunite
Born with congenital deformity in the front legs, Daisy has a unique underbite smile.


Photo credit: Underbiteunite
She uses a funky wheel cart in order to move around.


Photo credit: Underbiteunite

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