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8 Questions Men Never Want To Hear From You






Having some misunderstandings is normal. However, it’s sometimes frustrating that all you did was ask a question, but it ended up in a huge argument.

Have you ever wondered why your little inquiry made him mad? Here are nine questions that men never want to be asked about.

1. “Are we exclusive?”

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Most men are afraid of commitments. However, they will be the first one to make things exclusive with you if he believes you’re his perfect partner. If you really want to ask, then do so in a private location as he would see it as a positive question, than askin in public or crowded area as he would see it as a demand.

2. “What’s your credit score?”

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Although not all will admit to it, money is an important thing in a relationship. Relationship expert April Masini shared that you can learn about how much he makes without directly asking him about it.

She said:

“You can say something like ‘I would love to travel to Portugal — I just can’t afford it right now. How do you manage to travel so much?’ When you ask an innocent question like that, it’s much easier to get into conversations about money.”

3. “What’s your ex like?”

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Jealousy can easily be triggered when discussing an ex. This is something that a man would rather avoid. But if you must really know about his ex, relationship expert Samantha Daniels suggests that you should ask about something that they had done together before without being too straightforward.

4. “Where do you see us in five years?”

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This is a very intimidating topic. However, you also have the right to ask. Never ask this question if you’re just dating for a couple of months.

5. “When can I meet your parents?”

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Meeting his parents is such a big deal, which is why men are not really open about it unless they see a future with you.

However, if you really want to meet his parents, Daniels said that you should invite him to meet your family first.

6. “What do you want to do/eat tonight?”

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Dr. Anjhula Mya Singh Bais said:

“Partners can be critical, bossy and aggressive unconsciously. And if a man has had a long day, these questions force him to think when he may be mentally exhausted.”

7. “Do you want to have kids?”

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Men take this question as “Where do you see this relationship going?” You both must be truly invested in the relationship before asking this.

8. “Do you think she’s pretty?”

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It’s only natural to still be attracted to other people even though you’re already in a serious relationship. Unless you are very open-minded, don’t ask this question to avoid argument.

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