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8 Not-So-Obvious Signs She Wants You to Stay, Another 8 That Says “Go Away”

Women are the hardest creatures to understand. They say something else, but mean another. They show you they like you, but really don’t. How the hell will we know?


Women are so hard to understand. They say ‘no’ when they really mean ‘yes’ and they say ‘okay’, when they’re really not. You need to be able to understand their subtleties if you want to survive the game. Take a hint from these subtle signs if she wants you to stay or you know, just go away:

STAY: She doesn’t talk about other guys

Source: Youtube

She happens to be a catch and yet she doesn’t talk about the other guys she’s dated, then you must have done something right. Women tend to talk about other guys if she wants you to lose interest.

GO AWAY: Her feet face away from you

A woman’s body language tells all. If she’s stiff around you, it obviously means she doesn’t like you. When her feet face away from you when you talk, it also means she would rather you go away and leave her alone.

STAY: She may be late but she looks awesome

Source: Imjustsaying

Women are known to take a long time preparing for a date. If she pulls all bells and whistles just to look good for you, then you know she’s into you.

GO AWAY: Her texts are not receptive

Just because a girl replies to your texts, it doesn’t automatically mean she likes you. If she replies with a curt “k”, “maybe”, “no” take a hint, buddy. She wants you to leave.

STAY: She stares

Source: xnews

And quite lovingly at that. When a girl stares at you every single time she can get, you can bet that she likes you a lot for you to stay.

GO AWAY: There’s no respect

This is a no brainer. If a girl doesn’t show you respect even when you’ve just met, she’s telling you not to stay around.

STAY: She’s interested in what you like

Source: Youtube

When a girl asks about your hobbies and genuinely shows interest, you can bet she likes you a whole lot. An uninterested girl wouldn’t care if you played basketball.

GO AWAY: She’s on her phone a lot

Source: Facetofeet

This is another version of disrespect. When a woman is always on her phone when she’s with you, it just means she’s not interested and you need to leave her alone.

STAY: She touches you

Source: Indie Wire

A girl who doesn’t like a guy is very serious about keeping her personal space. If she likes you, she’ll be the first one to touch your arm, pat your back. If she keeps three feet away from you even in conversation, she doesn’t like you.

GO AWAY: She has tons of excuses

You know what they say. A girl who has a lot of excuses is just not into you.

STAY: She laughs a lot

Source: AceShowbiz

Often overlooked, a girl who laughs at everything you say just means she likes you a lot to make you feel wanted.

GO AWAY: She cringes or flinches when you touch her

Source: Dishnation

Clearly, this isn’t subtle. Because a woman who likes you would love it a whole lot when you hold her hand or put your arm around her.

STAY: She likes to be alone with you

Source: Youtube

A girl who’s into you would do everything to get all the chances she can get just to be alone with you. She will find all the reasons just to spend more time with you.

GO AWAY: She takes forever to respond

Source: Cosmopolitan

It’s either she sends you curt replies or takes days to respond. If she replies to you late, it’s about time that you find someone else.

STAY: She copies you

Source: Gistfm

If she finds ways to copy or mimic what you do or like, then she’s interested in you.

GO AWAY: She sounds uninterested

A monotonous sounding girl is an uninterested woman. Pick up your bags and leave. Stat.

What other subtle signs does a woman do to make a man go crazy? Sound off in the comments section.


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