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8 Interesting Food Facts You Need to Know About

How much do you really know about what you eat?

With so much food available to us, it’s also imporant for us to know if what we’re consuming or feeding our family is healthy for us. We often just go with the old, “If it smells okay and tastes okay, it must be okay.” But there’s a lot more to food than meets our senses. Sometimes, we might even have widely held beliefs about food that are flat-out wrong and unhealthy!

Here are some food facts that anyone, whether a foodie or not, needs to know.

1. An egg floats when it goes bad.

If you don’t want to get sick for days, never ever consume a bad egg. One way to test this is to put it in water. If it floats, it’s a bad egg. That’s because old eggs accumulate gas which cause it to float.

2. Never feed birds avocado.

If you’re a well-meaning person who likes to feed birds, never give them anything with avocado in it. Avocado has persin – a substance that’s poisonous to birds.

3. Red and yellow food coloring can make kids hyperactive.

Toxic yellow and red food dyes in some of your kids’ favorite snacks have been linked to behavioral changes in children.

4. Coffee "beans" are actually berries.

When harvested, these beans look a lot like cherries but they take on that familiar coffee bean shape once they’re dried.

5. Never drink tea unless it's freshly brewed.

Source: iStockphoto/Manuela Weschke

Tea that’s been left to cool can irritate the lining of the stomach.

6. Honey has no expiration date.

Honey is acidic, has no water, and has hydrogen peroxide. These three traits keep it from going bad.

7. Sauerkraut can help you lose weight.

It has probiotics that can help reduce up to 4% body fat in 6 weeks.

8. A little piece of dark chocolate can raise your blood sugar before a meal.

This can keep you from eating too much, even if you’re hungry. It’s a great tip if you’re on a diet!

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