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7 Interesting Photos That Tell Profound Stories

A picture indeed paints a thousand words - and the stories behind these images are truly interesting.

Some stories are too complicated to tell with words as some emotions are too difficult to express verbally. Sometimes, photos explain them better.

Just look at these photos we rounded up just for you and you’ll get what we mean. These seemingly simple photos have very interesting background stories behind them. Go read on and see for yourself.

#1. Joe Biden and an ice cream

Former Vice President Joe Biden was telling a reporter how hard it is to balance a foreign policy discussion while delicately handling an ice cream cone on his hand.

#2. The nymph

Every year on May 1st, the spiritual community of mediums known as the Vale do Amanhecer (otherwise known as the Social Works of the Christian Spiritualist Order) in Brazil gather for the Day of the Spiritual Indoctrinator, the biggest ceremony of the year. Since it was founded by Tia Nieva in 1959, nymphs or female devotees of this community have been praying on the outskirts of Planaltina in their temple 50 kilometers from Brasilia.

#3. The birds

Stephen Gill, in his book entitled The Pillar, described these birds as beyond the human realm – independent creatures with independent lives.

#4. End of an era

This photo taken at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan captures the end of an era as Japan’s Emperor Akihito and his wife, Empress Michiko, bow as they participate in Taiirei-Seiden-no-gi, a ceremony done as the Emperor renounces the throne.

#5. The two musicians

To mark World Jazz Day 2019, the lifelong works of French Magnum photographer Guy Le Querrec regarding jazz and its febrile intimacy and idiosyncrasies has been given the highlight. This feature led saxophonist Evan Parker to say that Le Querrec’s works “reveal secrets about us that we didn’t know ourselves.”

#6. The farm

With their mother dying from stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, Nellie, 6, and her brother Oliver, 7, may lose their family’s dairy farm in Fayette County. The milkbarn, where their father milks 50 to 60 head of cattle twice a day, may be lost to the Browns who have owned it since 1700s, due to extremely low dairy prices.

#7. A bus full of learners

As the birthrate continue to plummet in South Korea, rural schools are losing students. To solve the problem and make the most of its classrooms, one school in Gangjin County opened its doors to illiterate women who have dreamt of learning to read for decades.

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