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This Little Boy’s Dog Was About to Be Put Down. His Response STUNNED Them.





Remember the pain of losing your first pet? While most of us cried buckets of tears like John Grogan’s family in the heartwarming film Marley and Me, some people like this 6-year-old kid knows a thing or two about letting go.

When Belker, a 10-year-old Irish Wolfhound, was diagnosed with cancer, its veterinarian told its owners that it had to be put down since there’s nothing much they can do for the poor dog. Its owner, 6-year-old Shane, was allowed by his parents Ron and Lisa to witness the heartbreaking procedure thinking that he could learn something from the experience.

Of course, everyone would expect that there would be lots of sobbing in situations like this.

Surprisingly, the little boy didn’t shed a tear after Belker’s peaceful death. While the veterinarian and Shane’s parents were discussing the sad fact that dogs have shorter lives than human, the little boy gave an explanation that’s totally real and tearjerking.

Read on to find out Shane’s unbelievable response:


Photo credit: Imgur

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Source: ViralNova, Imgur

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