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6 Ways Posting Your Kids’ Photos On Social Media Can Put Them At Risk

How much sharing is too much?


Most parents love posting stories, photos, and videos of their kids on social media. Moms and dads share numerous snaps and clips of their children because they are obviously proud of them.

However, “sharenting” can be dangerous. “Sharenting” is another term for oversharing on social media. While it’s okay to use the platforms to update family and friends, the habit is not all fun and innocent.

Here are six ways of posting your kids’ photos on social media can put them at risk.

1. You unintentionally reveal your child’s location.

If you think that not posting the location online is a safe approach in sharing the photos of your child — think again. Criminals can creepily spot the location by simply looking at your child’s photos.

2. Their personal data that you share can be used for fraud.

3. Your innocent selfie with your children can attract the wrong people.

Most parents think nothing of posting pictures of their cute kids on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. But this seemingly innocent habit can be very dangerous as people with bad motives would see it as an opportunity to do something unimaginable.

4. The information you share can affect them when they grow up.

5. It could result in bullying.

6. Some doesn’t like their lives being put on display.

While young children might not give any thought to what their parents share about them on social media, that may not stay true as they grow older.

A young woman in Austria sued her parents for not deleting her childhood photos that they uploaded on Facebook.

She said:

“They knew no shame and no limits. They didn’t care if I was sitting on the toilet or lying naked on a cot, every moment was photographed and made public.”


Teacher Who Tried To Simulate Dictatorship In Classroom Gets Defeated By Students

“They fought for their rights. They won.”

Sometimes teachers will go above and beyond their duties to make sure their students learn an important lesson. However, a class of teenagers somehow managed to school their own instructor about something she never expected. A teacher tried to simulate dictatorship in her classroom to prepare the class for a book study. The response of the teens simply blew her away.

Diana Leygerman shared her story to prove that "the teens will save us." As a teacher, she must introduce the George Orwell dystopian novel 1984. But before she does so, Leygerman runs a simulation where she turns the classroom into "a totalitarian regime." The scheme worked for several years but things took an interesting turn in 2018.

The simulation enlisted the help of other teachers and became a school-wide effort.

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Why 1970s Men’s Fashion Should Go Away For Good

These pics made my eyes bleed!

When it comes to the world of fashion, you can count on one thing: old trends never go away for good. As time has proven again and again, certain trends from the past have a way of returning in very interesting ways - such as mixing its 'retro' qualities with modern sensibilities.

Case in point, tie dye just made a grand comeback in 2019 and many popular brands (Chuck Taylor, Nike, Urban Outfitters, etc) have been all aboard the hype train, releasing new products like tie dye-themed sneakers, backpacks, shirts, jumpsuits, and more. Needless to say, fashionistas are absolutely crazy about the idea and that's clearly evidenced by the products' sales.

Despite that fact, however, we think you will still agree with us when we say there are previous fashion trends that deserve to be left exactly where they are - buried and forgotten in the past. Case in point, these fashion items (if you can call it that) for men from the 1970s are total disasters we sure hope they never see the light of day again. Like ever!

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73-Year-Old Mayor Marries Filipino Bride Four Decades His Junior Who He Met Online

“After getting on so well over FaceTime and Whatsapp, it seemed it was time for me to go and meet her in person.”

They say age is just a number and it shouldn’t be a bother when you’re in a relationship. However, whether we like it or not, a lot of people will still judge couples with huge age gaps.

So when a 73-year-old civil leader marries a Filipino bride four decades his junior, it raised a lot of eyebrows. Widower Kit Owen then admitted that he met his wife, Aiza, who’s in her 30s, online.

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