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6 Medical Technology Breakthroughs That Will Make You Live Longer

Advanced medical technology isn't just seen in the movies. It also happens in real life, and we have quite a few of them readily available for use very soon.

We’re all pretty used to the fact that gadgets get upgraded every so often that we’re no longer awed by them as much. Even the idea that there’s a smart watch already that can read to you your text message, or a smart car that signals you when your car is just about to run out of gas, or watching your home from the office because your using the current and latest smart security device that was just launched a week ago.

While we may find all these boring stuff already, there is one industry that has been quietly making waves in technological breakthroughs that will surely leave you amazed and wait in bated breath as to when it will be launched for public use. These innovations in the medical world are so cool, because not only will they help save lives, they will also help you extend your life a little bit longer.

1. Anti-aging pills will keep you alive over 100 years old

Source: Jason Doan

People have been in search for the fountain of youth for as long as the concept has been started and now there is a possibility that aging will be a thing of the past. There are several companies that are devoted to finding the perfect anti-aging solution. One is Elysium Health, a pill of certain compounds that tweaks the metabolism to make life longer. Another is from pharmaceutical company Novartis as they harness the powers of a mysterious protein. Google also has its own health company whose sole objective is to extend human lifespan.

2. Nanobots in your bloodstream will kill early cancer cells

You might picture it as some sort of scene in a sci-fi flick, but researchers at Harvard’s Wyss Institute are developing different ways to deploy nanobots into the bloodstream whose main goal is to seek out and destroy cancer cells in the body. The “robots” are made of synthetic DNA.

3. 3D printing of replacement organs may happen

Source: Ye Tan

Imagine being able to print living tissue that’s suitable for humans? It’s almost possible thanks to the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. They built a device called the Integrated Tissue and Organ Printing System that layers living cells on top of biodegradable plastic so that it creates muscles, cartilage and possibly even bones.

4. VR for high risk surgeries

Virtual and augmented reality is here to stay. They make a lot of events cooler but even more so for surgeons. 3D renderings would be way much better as doctors will be able to see the organs of the patient much better without having to open them up.

5. Drone ambulances will be the new first responders

Surviving a sudden heart attack depends on how fast the ambulance can get to your location. Things would be a lot more difficult if you happened to be at a remote place, right? That’s where the drone ambulance comes in handy. It will be readily available no matter where you are at any given time of day.

6. Instant diagnostic tests means better and faster treatments

Prevention is always better than cure, as doctors always say. The importance of knowing the results early on can impact on having your life saved. The Scanadu vitals device can take your vital signs in just mere seconds which is such a great help for doctors, nurses and first aid responders. There’s also technology now that can test a drop of blood for diseases easily.

The future of medical practice will be in a much better position the moment these technological advancements are finally in place.

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