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6 Bizarre Ancient Finds That Were Recently Discovered

These finds might be ancient but they helped us discover new things about our ancestors.

The world today is strange as it is. However, we continue to learn amazing new things about the past. Some ancient finds have proven that there are several mysteries waiting to be discovered.

We have already learned about our history. However, these recent ancient discoveries have once again confirmed that there’s still a lot we need to know. Take a look at these amazing finds that recently left scientists in confusion.

#1. The Mud Mummy

The Egyptians were determined to preserve the mortal body in preparation for the afterlife. To do so, they came up with various methods of mummifying their dead. Scientists have studied most of these methods but they still found an unexpected ingredient used for one woman’s remains.

Researchers from an Australian university discovered that one of their mummies had been packed in mud. They found that the mummy had been damaged and someone decided to fix her by using mud instead of resin. It is believed that mud was chosen because it is cheaper than resin.

#2. The Mummy With The Golden Tongue

Finding a mummy in Egypt is not unusual. However, one particular mummy that was dug up in early 2021 is truly unique. The 2,000-year-old corpse is the only one found with a golden tongue.

It is unclear why the corpse was buried with a tongue made of gold. It is believed that he had a speech impediment when he was alive and would need a tongue to speak to the gods.

#3. The Human Bone Arrowheads

The ancient inhabitants of Doggerland, a small strip of land that once connected Britain to mainland Europe, had some interesting hobbies. In addition to using animal bones for arrowheads, they also used human bones to create these weapons.

Researchers were baffled by the discovery considering that human bones are not as durable as other materials available around 10,000 years ago. It is believed that the arrowheads were used for symbolic means.

#4. The New Mayan Drug

The Mayans used tobacco but it’s not the only plant they smoked. Washington State University discovered that the Mayans kept marigold in ceramic pots. What’s unusual is that these containers were used to hold drugs.

The marigold was stuffed in the containers along with two types of tobacco. Although it won’t get you high, the marigold may have enhanced the flavor of tobacco when smoked.

#5. The Mummy Filled with Grasshoppers

Mummies are usually empty when we find them although they are filled with chemicals that delay the decaying process. However, a mummy found in Texas was found with a stomach full of grasshoppers.

Researchers found that the man had severe constipation and was fed grasshoppers in the last days of his life. Those insects remained in his stomach undigested until his death.

#6. Soft Ivory

Ivory might be tough but a prehistoric community living in Siberia found a way to make art with mammoth tusks. But instead of carving into the tusks, they managed to soften the ivory and create small sculptures.

It is unknown how they were able to soften the ivory into a pliable state that allowed them to work with the material. However, it was confirmed that ivory can be softened like clay and harden afterwards.

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