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5 Ways to Repel Other People’s Negative Energy





Let’s face it, there are lots of people we face in our day-to-day lives who seem full of negativity and ill-will. These people drag us down with their gloomy and pessimistic energy, making us feel tired and stressed after each encounter.

This is particularly true if you are a sensitive individual fully-attuned to the vibes of people around you. Absorbing all the critical and defeatist emotions other people throw your way can be exhausting to the point of dragging you down into depression.

Don’t let these people get you down. Here are 5 ways you can counter the negative energy around you, and still retain your peak functioning abilities:

#1. Keep in mind that you can’t please everybody

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Source: Radio MD

Different people, different mindsets. You can’t get someone to like you if they stubbornly don’t want to. So don’t get bent out of shape trying to make people see your way of thinking if they have purposely put blinders on themselves. Just shrug off their opinions and simply agree to disagree to help bounce off the negative energy they’re throwing your way.

#2. Be picky about who you invite into your life

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Source: Timothy Tiah

There will always be that “friend” or two who is either a freeloader, a complainer, mean-spirited, ultra critical of everything, or super needy. For your own peace of mind, body, and soul, do some spring cleaning over those you associate with. Don’t feel guilty about dropping people who trample all over you and your feelings. You’ll thank yourself later.

#3. Reject toxic energy by focusing your attention elsewhere

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To survive, a parasite needs a host. If you keep paying attention to soul-sucking parasites and energy vampires, you’ll find your own vitality slowly draining out of you. Being a shoulder to cry on, a friendly ear, a sounding board for frustrations, or a standing ovation audience for other people’s accomplishments is all well and good…as long as it doesn’t become the be-all and end-all role you play in another person’s life. Love yourself enough to tune these people out once in a while.

#4. Replenish yourself with some refreshing alone time

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Source: Dissolve

Go on a nature hike, meditate, breathe deeply, do some yoga, listen to relaxing music, whatever moves you. Fill up your cup of energy and good vibes until it overflows. Get yourself ready to face the whole world once again.

#5. You alone own your thoughts and emotions, take responsibility for them

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Whatever you want to feel and think is all up to you, 100%. While you may encounter trying people in day-to-day encounters, how you react is your sole responsibility. Don’t make yourself out to be a victim, because no one has power over you other than yourself. Learn to protect yourself against other people’s negative energies by loving yourself first. Remember, its perfectly okay to say “no.” You are the author of your own positive energy, so start writing.

H/T: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

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