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5 Strangest True-to-Life Divorce Stories Ever

Divide the house between us? Sure.

Divorce occurs for different sorts of reasons and so no two divorce tales are totally identical. Sure, the circumstances may be common (a cheating spouse, money problems, irreconcilable differences) but the stories below turned out to become too bizarre they’re almost not real.

Read below to find out how divorce can bring out the nastiest in even the most (formerly) loving couples.

1. Feuding couple builds a wall through the middle of their house.


Spouses Simon and Chana Taub refused to move out of their Brooklyn residence so a judge ordered them to build a wall to divide the 3-storey row house. Simon got the dining room while Chana got the kitchen which resulted to the former having to cook meals for her husband and getting treated like a slave…or so she claims. Later on, Chana filed for divorce in 2005, citing “cruel and inhuman treatment” from her husband. The new judge dismissed the case because of their strange set-up. In 2010, the divorce was finally granted, with a condition that the couple will have to sell their home.

His side

Her side

2. Couple agrees to split their assets, so the husband cuts their house in half.

A man named Moeun Sarim in rural Phnom Penh, Cambodia suspected that his wife Vat Navy cheating on him so they decided to end their 18-year marriage. Apparently, part of their settlement was to divide their house in half…literally. Moeun brought his relatives over and armed with saws, they proceeded to cut the house in half. They actually managed to do that because the house is typical Cambodian country style made of wood, tile roof, and wooden pillars. To make things stranger, the village chief and local officials were present to witness the division of the house. Moeun carried his share of the house back to his parent’s place.

3. Wife divorces husband because she discovers him having an affair… in an online role-playing game


Amy Taylor and David Pollard met in an online chat room and had mutual love for the online virtual world Second Life. They love it so much that when they got married two years later, they marked the occasion by having their avatars Laura Skye and Dave Barmy marry online in a lavish virtual ceremony.

The lavish virtual wedding


Shortly after they got married, Amy caught Pollard’s Dave Barmy avatar having sex with a prostitute avatar. This prompted her to end her avatar Laura’s relationship with Barmy but still stayed with him in real life. It was the second “cheating” that made Amy get a divorce. This time she caught Barmy cuddling with another woman avatar on a sofa.

The love triangle


David cited Amy’s addiction to World of Warcraft that made him stray to other avatars. He said the real-life Amy neglected house duties and will not spend time with him because she was too busy playing World of Warcraft.

4. Husband attempts to stop divorce by citing “temporary death” and that the vows said “till death to us part.”

In 2007, Karen Finnegan filed for divorce from her husband Joseph. Joseph’s defense? The case should be dismissed because the marriage was already dissolved when he “temporarily died” in June 2004, when his heart stopped. It was “temporary” because he was revived through cardiopulmonary resuscitation. He also cited two instances in which he “died”, in 2004 and 2005.

As expected, the court didn’t side with him, as he was actually there during the proceedings and definitely not dead.

5. Man gives his ailing wife his kidney and then asks for it back when she allegedly cheated on him.

Surgeon Richard Batista’s wife, Dawnell, was deteriorating due to failing kidneys. After her body rejected two previous transplants, Richard decided to give his own – it turned out they were the perfect match. Dawnell recovered and it could have been the most romantic story ever. But things actually turned ugly – Dawnell filed for divorce four years later and the whole thing became a media circus. Richard accused his wife of having an affair and was demanding to have his kidney back. Dawnell maintained her innocence and declared that it was Richard who was having an affair. The court didn’t side with Richard, so he asked for a $1.5 million dollar compensation instead.

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