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40 Businesses That Are Having Way Too Much Fun

That Starbucks cup tho!

Sure, running a business requires a lot of work but let’s set things straight here: it doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Case in point, the photos you will see below perfectly illustrate that point.

From funny store signs and clever labels to hilarious displays and everything else in between, these images will probably help leave a smile on your face today. Go scroll down and see for yourself!

#1. Let’s face it, you sang that, too!

#2. What the hell, Starbucks? Like seriously?!

#3. Now every kid will have a meal…

#4. An ice cream store in Jordan had this request.

#5. Just to be clear…

#6. Before resigning, he gave himself this award…

#7. A toy store in Texas had this sign.

#8. This tattoo shop knows how to market their business.

#9. You have been warned.

#10. What a deal!

#11. This is a good warning!

#12. Quote of the Day from a coffee shop is meant to wake people up.

#13. A computer repair shop has this brilliant prop.

#14. Oh well… R.I.P.!

#15. I wonder how many buyers actually did it.

#16. A coffee shop in Australia had this label:

#17. Spotted at a butcher shop: Is that a vegan up there?

#18. Dad joke found at this hardware store.

#19. “Welcome… Sheesh.”

#20. A doughnut shop employee was permitted to write anything o their receipt. This is what happened!

#21. That sounded really wrong…
#22. Now we know!

#23. Clever marketing for the Christmas season.

#24. Insert wrestling music here…

#25. They’re just being honest.

#26. A pizza store’s ad. Nice!

#27. The irony is strong in this one.

#28. Believe it or not, this is a real coffee shop in Canada.

#29. Meanwhile, outside a donut shop…

#30. This grocery store is just trying to help.

#31. Gotta admire the dedication for this pun.

#32. This coffee shop perfectly understands your needs.

#33. Spotted at the wine section.

#34. Lots of payment options. Nice!

#35. We all know how this feels…

#36. They know exactly what you’re up to…

#37. Just stating the obvious here.

#38. Shots fired! Seen at a children’s book section.

#39. It’s time!

#40. This shop is under renovation. So they made this sign.
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