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30 Ridiculously Insane Eyebrow That Are Absolute Disasters





Eyebrow trends have changed over the years. Women now would pay professionals just to have a set of perfectly-shaped eyebrows. But before this modern-day trend of natural-looking, full and subtle-arched brows, people back in the day thought it was cool to have thin and skinny brows.

Monobrows were a thing in the 70s and the 90s had people over-plucking their brows. But those days are gone and you can see a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube if you want to have a set of eyebrows that are “on fleek.”

However, the people below may not have heard about YouTube or any beauty gurus for that matter, which resulted to these eyebrow disasters.

#1. Put a couple of dots over it and she has a frown smiley.

#2. She’s definitely a fan of rainbows.

#3. They match her hair.

#4. I don’t know which is more horrible.

#5. Rita Repulsa definitely had better brows than her.

#6. She’s trying to pull off the natural look.

#7. She’s rocking the monos. Lol

#8. She likes it way too skinny.

#9. Her brows do stand out.

#10. They look like leeches.

#11. She likes brushing the brows.

#12. Ooohh… I see tadpoles!

#13. Double trouble right there!

#14. Why didn’t you just finish the line!?

#15. She just loves her monos.

#16. Putting a tough look on her face.

#17. Too much creativity.

#18. They’re slowly going down her face.

#19. I’m seeing double.

#20. She likes them dotted.

#21. You missed the spot there.

#22. He looks like a puppet.

#23. Done them way too much.

#24. Fractions, lady.

#25. She’s making a statement.

#26. Look at those puppy eyes.

#27. Oh no you didn’t!

#28. She’s proud of her brows.

#29. Forever a Nike fan.

#30. We have a warrior here!

Obviously, these guys never heard of eyebrow specialists or they didn’t stick to the trend and want to stand out. Or maybe, some did stick to the trends but the ones from two or three decades ago. They just can’t let go.

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