30 Persistent Trees That Show Us Just How Badass They Are!

It was American poet Joyce Kilmer who originally penned the now-immortal words, “I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.” Judging by the photos below, we can see that trees aren’t only lovely – they’re also sturdy and very persistent!

It’s really as if these trees are teaching us, humans, that old adage that says “if there’s a will”, then there is indeed “a way”. Yes, we all can learn a thing or two about resilience and survival from these determined perennial plants.

Check out this photo compilation below and see how nature proved it’s strength and power:

#1. This is just simply fascinating.

Source: Flickr
#2. Palm tree fell down but still managed to curve right up.

Source: Reddit
#3. Four new trees spring out of one fallen tree.

Source: Reddit
#4. The sole survivor in the tsunami that destroyed about 70,000 trees in Japan. It’s now being protected and restored.

Source: Reddit
#5. The Tree of Life as found in Washington’s Olympic National Park.

Source: Reddit

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