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30 People Who Got Lucky At Thrift Stores, Flea Markets And Garage Sales

These awesome finds might inspire you to look closely when visiting a thrift shop!

People usually go to thrift shops and garage sales to take advantage of items that other people no longer need. However, some of these flea market finds can actually turn out to be quite amazing. Some lucky shoppers can end up with some hidden treasures that other people have decided to discard.

Some of these thrift store finds are just amusing, quirky, or funny. However, others can turn out to be truly valuable and incredibly rare. Either way, you’re sure to find something that will spark your interest and make you want to visit the closest second-hard shop immediately. Here are 30 people who got very lucky at thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales.

#1. The Best $1.99 I Will Ever Spend In My Lifetime

There are so many Stephen King books around the world. However, only a few of them have been signed by the best-selling novelist with a personal note.

The old copy of The Shining was signed by King back in 1981. Interestingly, King wrote, “Shine on!” before noting the date he scribbled on the book.

#2. My $2 Thrift Store Repaint

Someone found this pretty sculpture at the thrift store and decided that the girl needed a makeover. Do you prefer the before or after?

#3. Someone Who Works At A Charity Shop Put Jeff Goldblum In Every Single Photo Frame

There is a great number of people who are somehow obsessed with Jeff Goldblum. The worker who prepared these frames is clearly one of them.

#4. My New Lunch Box, Thanks Goodwill

When someone asks what you’re having for lunch, you can say, “Liver (spread) and kidney (beans).”

#5. Funny Coffee Mug I Found Today

This one is pretty funny. Thanks for letting us know, Jesus.

#6. Found A Camera In A Thrift Store That Belonged To A Soldier In WW1. Has Undeveloped Verichrome Film In The Back

Here’s an amazing find indeed. The little device may have been last used back in 1918, more than a century ago.

#7. As A 100% Straight Man, I Had To Have This Shirt

That’s actually really awesome.

#8. Found These Weird Ass Salt And Pepper Shakers. A Giraffe Eating A Tourist’s Toupee

These are cute and whimsical. Also, a great conversation starter.

#9. Every Garage Sale Should Be This Funny

The notes certainly make you laugh out loud before you reach for your wallet.

#10. Couldn’t Resist This 70s Rainbow Kettle For $7

For those days when you want to brighten up your tea time.

#11. Best $10 I’ve Ever Spent

Not gonna lie, I want one, too.

#12. Got This Bad Boy Last Weekend For $2 And My Boyfriend Has Yet To Notice It On The Wall. I Might Add In The Extra Batteries So It Meows Every Hour

Wait, it can meow every hour?! There should be more of these clocks in thrift stores!

#13. $10 At A Local Garage Sale! The Old Lady Didn’t Even Remember What It Was At First

That’s a Nintendo Entertainment System, NES Classic Edition with five classic game cartridges.

#14. I Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Thrift For My Clothing Unsupervised

Someone certainly loves Nickelodeon!

#15. I Found A Brand New Version Of My Childhood Teddy Bear At A Flea Market

Most of us have an old toy that we simply can’t part with. This lucky shopper can finally let their old friend rest and snuggle the new one.

#16. This Thrift Store Photo Is My Doppelganger

Apparently, this doesn’t just happen in museums.

#17. I Think I Maxed Out When I Found This Work Of Art At A Garage Sale As A Child. Now Proudly Displaying It In My First Apartment

That’s one of the coolest cats I’ve ever seen.

#18. Best Charity Shop Find Ever. It’s Going In My Bathroom. £3

How can these people find such awesome paintings?

#19. 50 Cent Pick Up. If You Find Ceramic Frogs Out At Yard Sales, Flip Em Over To See If They Are A Keeper

They look pretty underwhelming until you flip them over.

#20. This Fake Light-Plastic Wrench I Found At The Thrift Store. Gonna Throw It At People

It looks so real!

#21. Every Year We Spend $20 At Goodwill To Dress Each Other Then Get Cheesy Photos Taken Instead Of Buying Presents. We Did Great This Year

It all looks normal until you see the hotdog.

#22. Found This At A Flea Market While On A Trip In PA

Is this based on a real photo?

#23. Sometimes You Find Treasures, Sometimes Treasures Find You

With this and the frogs in #19, it’s probably best to check the underside of things.

#24. Thrift Store, Three Bucks. Pete Painted This Block Of Wood For 14 Years, Almost Every Day

Now that’s dedication. Good job, Pete!

#25. On This Day In 2011, I Found 36 Stuffed Pikachus At A Salvation Army

Because we sometimes need at least 36 stuffed Pikachus, right?

#26. This Bench My Sister Bought At A Yard Sale Without Measuring The Space First

First of all, that’s impressive. Secondly, it’s a good thing that it fits perfectly.

#27. Browsing My Neighborhood Salvation Army

Did somebody decide to create a tip box shaped like a shoe or was the shoe turned into a tip box? We need answers.

#28. This Thrift Shop Sells Thousands Of Random Family Photos

Who knows, you might find yourself in one of these family photos!

#29. Found This Beaut For $16. My New Favorite Sweater

It’s also the perfect shade of pink.

#30. This Is My Favorite Mug. I Got It At A Thrift Store And Have No Idea Who These People Are

Nothing like having coffee with a bunch of strangers.

These awesome finds are truly amazing. Make sure to keep an eye out for hidden treasures on your next visit to a thrift store, flea market, or garage sale!

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