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25 Unexplained Phenomena That Are Still Puzzling Scientists

All these natural occurrences just show how little we know about our own planet.

Eons ago, we humans had no idea about so many things around us. We didn’t know what thunder was, or where the sun goes when it sets, or why things that go up always come back down.

With the advancement of technology, we already know the answers to so many science questions.

That is, except for these phenomena.

1. Why are there strange flashes of light right before a volcanic eruption?

Source: Eduardo Minte Hess/National Geographic
2. There are also strange flashes of light that appear before earthquakes.

3. What are sailing stones and how do they move?

Source: WhenOnEarth
4. What is the strange light that floats above the ground in Hessdalen Valley?

Source: Skeptoid

This light is said to have started to appear in the 1940s, and has happened 12-20 times a year.

5. What are the Naga Fireballs, fiery red balls of light rising from the Mekong river in Laos?

6. What are fairy circles, the barren circular patches in the grasslands of Southwest Africa?

Source: N. Juergens

They range from 2 meters to 20 meters in diameter, and are suspected to be caused by land termites. However, nothing conclusive has been found.

7. What causes lighting to cluster up into a spherical shape?

Source: Reddit
8. How do animals instinctively know when to migrate, where to, and how?

Source: Anup Shah/Digital Vision/Getty Images
9. Despite only living for 6 months (half their yearly migration cycle), how do butterflies still know where to go?

Source: farflungphotos/Flickr
10. What is the Loch Ness monster?

Source: Matt84/E+/Getty Images

While never truly photographed (photo evidence is shown to be fake), sightings of the monster have been reported for decades.

11. What is Bigfoot?

Source: Sina news agency

Scientists say they may be an isolated species of apes, but no one really knows.

12. Why do cats purr?

Source: DaysoftheYear

They purr when they’re happy, nervous, or in pain. Does it provide some sort of relief for them?

13. Why do male humpback whales sing “songs?”

Source: Elelur

Scientists have learned that they “sing” to attract males too, but what does each “song” mean?

14. Why are there suicidal whales?

Source: National Geographic

About 2,000 whales beach themselves yearly, and most of them die. It’s unknown why whales are doing this.

15. Why did jellyfish suddenly stop going to Jellyfish lake?

Source: Palau_2008030818_4734/Flickr

They used to frequently travel there from the ocean via underground channels, but since 1998 they suddenly stopped travelling there.

16. How do the fireflies of Great Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee coordinate their flashing patterns?

Source: NPS, Radim Schreiber
17. What really goes on in the Bermuda Triangle?

Source: NOAA
18. What causes ice discs?

Source: Patternity

Ice discs are said to occur when slow moving water freezes. They can be as big as a few feet to 50 feet in diameter. We have yet to know the process of how they’re made.

19. What causes the hum at Taos, New Mexico?


Residents of the area report hearing a consistent low, droning buzz, but no one has given an explanation for it yet.

20. Why does the moon look larger when it's on the horizon than when it's further up in the sky?

Source: Tim Trott
21. Why did it suddenly rain fish in Ethiopia in 2000?


It’s said these fish were caught up by a storm, but why is it only one species of fish that got swept up?

22. What goes on in the Mapimi Silent Zone is Durango, Mexico?

Source: Reuters/Corbis

It’s said to deactivate radio signals and attract strange debris like the Apollo rocket boosters and a malfunctioning test missile launched in Utah.

23. Why is there a storm in Saturn?

Source: NASA

The NASA probe orbiting Saturn captured an image of a hurricane on the planet, with winds moving as fast as 330 and the diameter of the storm at 1,250 miles. Scientists are baffled about its origins.

24. Why is the sun hotter on its corona than on its surface?

Source: NASA

The surface of the sun is about 5800 Kelvin, while its corona is at 1-3 million degrees Kelvin.

25. What was the universe like before the Big Bang?

Source: Shutterstock
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