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25 Animals Hilariously Caught Red-Handed in Embarrassing Positions

Could anything be stranger than these?


Animals may be one of nature’s way to make you feel relaxed. If you have pets, these creatures have their own little way to make you feel less stressed, less sad, and can make you feel alive in an instant.

Animals have these cute and unique ways to communicate with their humans, and they also have weird behaviors to get the attention of their masters. But what if you see your pet in a very unusual position? Will you be surprised or died of laughter?

In this case, it’s like the humans of these animals grab their camera and take their pictures. Check these out these weird snaps that animals have been caught doing in the strangest ways.

1. Unfortunately, this hamster now weighs heavier, he can’t fit the slide.


2. This dog is perfectly aware that he’s is in a serious problem, a really serious one.


3. Perhaps, there is a cat rounding the area and he is trying to hide. Invaluable skill, rat.


4. Yoda at first glance. Tired dog at second glance.


5. Motherly care. The pup still needs to be hatched, now the chick is jealous.



Vet Removes Something Gigantic From Poor Kitten’s Nose Making Everyone Squirm

And they say this is a common parasite!

What's the worst thing that could get stuck inside your nose?

We can probably think of a few nasty stuff if we let our imaginations run wild. However, as long as it's an inanimate object, it's okay (I guess?)

But what if it's not?

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Japanese Restaurant Serves Disturbing Meal of Live Frog Sashimi

Yes, it’s a live frog sushi – with a twist of lemon.


Japanese cuisine is best known for its delicious ramen, sumptuous sushi, and other delectable seafood dishes. But if you tend to veer off the usual meal offerings, then this area in Tokyo may just be the answer to your eclectic palate.

"Memory Lane", which is located in the district of Shinjuku in Tokyo, is famed for restaurants serving exotic dishes. The area is popular among tourists and Japanese alike with a penchant for unusual dishes. The restaurants offer bizarre dishes ranging from soft-shelled turtles to snake liquor.

One weird dish, though, has sparked online interest - bullfrog sashimi. In a video circulating online, one restaurant in Memory Lane was shown serving bullfrog sashimi by beheading and skinning the frog, removing its innards, chopping it up, and then serving it to customers on ice with soy sauce and a slice of lemon.Although the frog died immediately after it was stabbed, it can still be seen twitching around the plate due to muscle contraction. Viewers were quick to express disgust over the eclectic dish, saying the way the dish was prepared was cruel.

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Two Turtles Rescued From a River After Cruel People Chained Them Together

Fortunately, these two men spotted the helpless turtles.

Two friends spotted two cruelly abused turtles in Miami river earlier. Peter, and his friend Michael Oakes immediately saved the reptiles upon seeing them struggling in the water.

Apparently, a person or a group of individuals drilled a hole in their carapaces, chained them together, and secured the metal link with a padlock.

The animals were then left to suffer.

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