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24 Designer Fails So Ridiculous They Deserve Awards





Sometimes designers clearly aren’t in their right minds. Its fun designing and inventing things, especially when it comes to things to make people’s lives easier and those that give beauty and functionality.

But sometimes, when the well of ideas runs dry, the world shifts upon its axis, or misfired synapses occur in people’s brains, these one-of-a-kind designs occur:

Toilet stalls for exhibitionists..and the voyeurs who’d just love to have a look.

1004 ridiculous design1

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Because water runs up raised surfaces…proved no science theory ever.

1004 ridiculous design2

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
From a designer with an encompassing love for Scottish plaid.

1004 ridiculous design3

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Because everyone needs scissors to open a pack of scissors. Duh.

1004 ridiculous design4

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
In case anyone didn’t know what martial arts stands for…

1004 ridiculous design5

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
This is where your food goes…

1004 ridiculous design6

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

There’s more…

This designer who built a window for photopobics.*

1004 ridiculous design7

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

*Photophobia – the fear of light.

Ditto, for this designer.

1004 ridiculous design8

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Apparently there’s a market for these type of photophobia windows.

Whoever built this bouncy slide…
The designer of this hydrant, who’s confident fire insurance will cover whatever may happen.

1004 ridiculous design9

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
…and who may be related to this designer, who sees nothing wrong with electrocuting people.

1004 ridiculous design10 feature

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
…or this designer, who thought camouflage would add more challenge to your golf game.

1004 ridiculous design12

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

And even more…

This sign-maker, who was clearly paid in tacos…

1004 ridiculous design13

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
…and this eternal pessimist.

1004 ridiculous design14

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
The designer who harbored hate for Yves Levesque’s nose.

1004 ridiculous design15

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

And who may be intending to vote for poor Monsieur Levesque’s opponent.

…and the designer whose life’s goal is to confuse people.

1004 ridiculous design16

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Whoever designed this store display may have run out of mannequins…

1004 ridiculous design17

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
…while this one appears to have an inordinate love for the letter “K”

1004 ridiculous design18

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

And yet more…

Whoever did the layout for this spread…

1004 ridiculous design19

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

…may have been suffering from flatulence for all we know.

The person who confused his “O” and “0”

1004 ridiculous design20

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
And this banner designer inviting the whole world to try out some Canadian girls.

1004 ridiculous design21

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
Just like this person who is either an optimist, or simply dislikes glass with a passion.

1004 ridiculous design22

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
This movie poster designer, who insists the film has nothing to do with “50 Shades of Grey”…

1004 ridiculous design23

Photo credit: Buzzfeed
…and finally, this person who just got tired of trying.

1004 ridiculous design24

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

So, seen any good ones lately?

H/T: Buzzfeed

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