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20-year-old Model Inspires Us to Believe that It is Possible to ‘Die Beautiful’





Death is neither beautiful nor interesting. On the contrary, in a list of things no one wants to face or even talk about, it is going to be right on top because it reminds us of things that can no longer be and the helplessness that each one feels when he or she leaves the world behind.

In this awesome story of death (yes, awesome), however, a 20-year old model, identified as Racine Pregunta of Davao City, has embraced her death and turned it into something memorable.

Racine Pregunta, a 20-year-old model wanted to 'Die Beautiful' as Trisha of the comedy movie "Die Beautiful' had.


Inspired by the movie Die Beautiful, where the transgender Trisha, portrayed by Paolo Ballesteros, requested for a different make-up every night of her wake, the 20-year-old Racine has reportedly made a simpler yet similar request.

In a Facebook post made by Racine’s sister, Rolyn Pregunta detailed the preparations requested by her sister for her departure.

“It was April 12, 2017… Before she informed everyone that she’s ready to go. She had these requests: An off- shoulder white dress and a white flowerband.”

She also made specific requests about being buried beside her dad when she dies and having something “Violet, Blue and Mint Green” during her funeral.

According to Rolyn, Racine had personally requested for Gladys (her personal make- up artist) to do her make- up, saying, “If I die, I want to die BEAUTIFUL.”

As requested, Gladys did Racine's makeup when she died.


On the day of her funeral, she also received flowers with a note which read, “You are beautiful. – Pao”

How about you? Have you made any plans about how you’d like to be when you die? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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