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20 Simple-Yet-Awesome Ways to Make a Woman Feel Adored





When the excitement of new love tapers off and you settle into a long-term relationship or marriage, it can be very challenging to keep the romance alive. That’s normal. Nobody is expected to focus on their love life 24/7. There are other important things to do. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should take things for granted.

Men are often accused of losing their romantic touch and taking their girlfriends and wives for granted.


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We’ll let you in on a secret: Women don’t really need flowers and fireworks to feel loved. Sure, they appreciate presents from their loved ones. But they’ll feel even more loved when you give them your attention.

All it takes is a few meaningful gestures to make a woman feel giddy again. Here are 20 sweet moves that you can easily do.

#1. Whisper a compliment to her.


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Let your wife or girlfriend know how much you appreciate her presence in your life. When you’re out in public, you can just lean into her and whisper, “I think you’re getting more and more beautiful each day.”

#2. Recall past conversations.


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She’ll be delighted when you take note of the things that she tells you. You can say, “I remember when we were first dating, you told me that you find rabbits adorable.” This reassures her that you don’t take anything she says for granted.

#3. Love her family.


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This doesn’t mean that you should overlook bad behavior. It only requires you to be kind and affectionate to her family, just as she is to them. Give her family your support whenever possible. Consider them as your extended family. Even if you don’t like some members of her family, you should still make an effort to be civil to them.

#4. Kiss her in public.


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When you’re out and about, you can kiss her when she least expects it. Of course, there’s no need to go overboard. A tastefully cute smooch will do.

#5. Write her a love note.


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Write her a love note. You could do it the Old School way by writing down the sweet words on paper or it could be a text message. You could also send her an e-mail just because you feel like it. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to remind your girlfriend or wife how much you care about her.

#6. Show her off.


Let the whole world know that you’re together.Yes, your friends may accuse you of being a hopeless romantic…but so what? Your girlfriend or wife will be thrilled if you post pictures of her (all flattering shots) on your social media accounts. Show everyone that you’re head-over-heels in love with her.

#7. Taker her out on a fancy date.


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Make the woman in your life feel like she’s royalty on a date. Make sure every little detail is as classy as it gets. By all means, splurge on her if you can afford to do so. She deserves the special treatment from you.

#8. Do household chores.


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Show your wife or girlfriend that you you don’t take her for granted by doing the things that she doesn’t really enjoy doing. This would indicate to her that you want to make her life easier and as comfortable as possible.

#9. Be with her when she's feeling bad.


When she’s going through tough times, your quiet support will help give her the boost she needs to overcome the challenge. Let her know that you’re willing to help her deal with whatever problem she may have.

#10. Be on time.


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Barring natural disasters, calamities, and things you can’t control, you should never make your wife or girlfriend wait on a date. In fact, you should be ready way ahead of your appointed time. You must also have contingency plans.

#11. Be her "nurse" when she's sick.


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When the woman you love has health issues, you should be ready to be watch over her. Even if she won’t require you to be at her bedside at all times, you must show her that you won’t back down from doing “nurse” duties.

#12. Allow her to be silly with you.


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Let her do what she wants with you. If she wants to just be silly then, by all means let her play with you. It never hurts to inject a little bit of fun into your relationship.

#13. Cook for her.


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Don’t feel pressured. A gourmet meal is not required to impress her. You just need to put a lot of effort into making something that she would enjoy eating.

#14. Surprise her with flowers.


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You don’t need to wait for a red-letter day to surprise your wife or girlfriend with flowers. When she asks you why you decided to do it, say, “I just felt like it.”

#15. Let her into your world.


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If there’s a “guy thing” that you enjoy doing, such as playing video games, don’t alienate the woman in your life. Instead, invite her to try it out with you. She’ll be so flattered that you’ve opened up your life to her that she’ll let you do your thing without asking questions. (As long as whatever you’re doing is not harmful or illegal, of course.)

#16. Indulge her fantasies.


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If she’s always dreamed of dancing in the moonlight or simply riding in front of a bike, then do what you can to make it happen. You can give her these simple joys.

#17. Tell her she's beautiful.


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It’s not that she’s vain — she just needs to be reassured that in your eyes she’s the most attractive woman around. Tell her that you find her pretty no matter what.

#18. Support her endeavors.


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Whether she’s aiming for a promotion or planning to get a PhD, you should encourage her realize her potential. Cheer her on when she encounters obstacles.

#19. Tell her to take a break.


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When you see that she’s feeling overwhelmed with work and personal concerns, remind her that she deserves a breather. You don’t want to see the woman you love going crazy from too much stress.

#20. Make a grand gesture.


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Declare your love for the woman in your life by doing something unforgettable. You can rent a billboard to so the whole world can read your message to her or you can have a fireworks display set up. Pull out all the stops for her.

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