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20 Before and After Photos Of Ugly Views Transformed Into Beautiful Street Arts

When done right, art makes a huge difference!

Beauty, as they say, is always in the eye of the beholder. We know that sounds really cliché but it’s absolutely true, if you think about it.

To give you an example, a blank wall may be an ordinary sight for most of us but for the artistically-inclined, it’s a vast canvas full of exciting possibilities. It’s a world

We see this wonderfully demonstrated in this photo compilation of some of the most wonderful murals we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

Thanks to creative street artists, plain and dull views have been transformed into colorful works of art available for the rest of us to admire and to enjoy.

Scroll down below and see for yourself:

1. Knowledge Speaks, Wisdom Listens (Wild Drawing)

See the huge difference? Now a boring sight looks breathtakingly stunning!

2. Juliette El Les Esprits (Patrick Commecy)
3. 3D Mural in Poland (Waldemar Wylegalski)
4. Renaissance (Patrick Commecy)

It’s masterpieces like this that make us appreciate the power of art.

5. Au Fil De Loire (Patrick Commecy)
6. Giant Starling (Nika Kramer)

creativity at its finest!

7. Photorealistic Mural (Smug)
8. The Town of Palmitas, Mexico (German Crew)

Now the entire neighborhood has become a selfie destination for locals and tourists like.

9. Topart (neopaint)
10. Full Moon Hostel (Paul Green)
11. Diving Dog Mural (Bart Smeets)
12. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps (

Simply magnificent!

13. Porte Des Lavandieres (Patrick Commecy)
14. Trash And Found Object Racoon Mural (Bordalo)
15. Let’s Keep The Plants Alive (Natalia Rak)

This one sends a powerful message to everyone.

16. Brick Kidz (Seth Globepainter)
17. Ringo Starr Street Art (AppleAtrocity)

An awesome tribute for an awesome drummer.

18. The Kiss Mural (Elvert Barnes, Mary Lane)

Romantic and colorful. We love this one!

19. Dob Suli (neopaint)
20. Wise Grandpa (Gyva Grafika)

As a popular social media meme tells us, “earth” without “art” is just “eh.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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