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17 Strange Yet Innovative Inventions From Japan





Japan has always been known for their innovative inventions. Besides, this is the country that gave us anime, instant noodles, Nintendo, pocket calculators, emojis and a whole lot more.

That said though, there also isn’t an absence of absurd, crazy creations in the country. Just check out the photo compilation below and you’ll immediately see what I mean.

#1. Butter Grater

1. Butter Grater

Source: Kotaku

The perfect butter for your toast. Finally!

#2. Umbrella Tie

2. Umbrella Tie

Source: Novoed

I really can’t decide whether this one’s ridiculous or pretty useful.

#3. Eyedrop Funnels

3. Eyedrop Funnels

Source: LuvJapan

Using eyedrops will be much easier with this tool – although it will look a little sillier.

#4. Silent Karaoke

4. Silent Karaoke

Source: Ipick

For those times when you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. Or if you’re too embarrassed with your bad singing voice.

#5. Sound Catcher Pillow

5. Sound Catcher Pillow

Source: Gizmodo

This sound catcher pillow will make your rests more blissful.

#6. Cupmen

6. Cupmen

Source: Listelist

This Cupmen will let you know if your noodles are ready. And it looks quite hilarious!

#7. Square Watermelons

7. Square Watermelon

Source: MelonMold

Yes, you read that right: square watermelons.

#8. Hearing Enhancer

8. Hearing Enhancer

Source: RatailedBoy

Because hearing aids are too mainstream.

#9. Chopstick Fan

9. Chopstick Fan

The Japanese obviously love their noodles they even invented fans for it.

#10. Rain-Proof Umbrella

10. Rain-Proof Umbrella

Source: TommyLandz

No more worrying about arriving in office with wet uniform during rainy days.

#11. Simple Ear Explorer

11. Simple Ear Explorer

Source: DailyOniGiri

Some have called this a “Q-Tip on steroids” and rightly so.

#12. Bubble Wrap Keychain

12. Bubble Wrap Keychain

Source: Gadgets-Zone

Everyone loves popping bubble wrap.

#13. 360 Degree Camera

13. 360 Degree Camera

Source: CycleChat

Now you can easily take 360 pics for your Facebook.

#14. Book-Shaped Pillow

14. Book-Shaped Pillow

It’s kinda ironic that the cover says “workaholic.”

#15. Shoe Umbrellas

15. Shoe Umbrellas

Source: TechnoCrazed

Gotta keep those shoes shiny, I guess.

#16. Banana Case

16. Banana Case

Source: HolyKaw

You wouldn’t have to force those bananas into your lunch box anymore.

#17. Battlescratch Shirt

17. Battlescratch Shirt

Source: SuperRadNow

Plainly genius! Now asking someone to scratch your back will be much easier.

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