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16 Vacation Spots That Looked Nicer Online Than In Real Life

#13 is just too disappointing!


We must admit that we’re sometimes guilty of going to places just basing our interest in the photos that we’ve seen online. We felt that the images we’re already enough to convince us and that there’s no need in doing more in-depth research anymore.

Unfortunately, not everything we see online is the real deal. With the magic of Photoshop and taking photos in perfect angles, these posts would easily trick us into booking them as soon as possible. However, most of these places are actually less impressive once we finally arrived at our destination. Here are 16 vacation spots that looked nicer online than in real life.

1. When you’re excited to go to your Airbnb and play pool with your pals.

2. “Our vacation rental was described as having a golf course view. Technically, that was true…”

3. What is the purpose of the window then?

4. When the view in your “private balcony” is a wall.

5. When the fog is your only view.

6. Well, this is depressing.

7. When you booked the Airbnb because the pool looked tempting.

8. “We booked a hotel last minute in Portland, the view was… breathtaking.”

9. So near yet so far.

10. The power of zoom and angle.

11. “When you go to a scenic overlook but you’re in a cloud.”

12. When Big Ben was under construction during your honeymoon trip.

13. When an infinity pool looks more like a kiddie pool.

14. When you climbed to the mountaintops to see the view – there’s none.
15. When the hotel promised a courtyard. Techincally, they didn’t lie.
16. “My vacation in Ireland and seeing the Cliffs of Moher.”

They say it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey. While that might be true, it would be awesome if the destinations are also worth the journey!


Shelter Dogs Have Hilarious Reactions After Magician Made Treats Disappear

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Most of us just enjoy watching magic tricks. Although we all know that these are just illusions made believable by professionals, we just can’t deny the entertainment factor of it.

With that said, attending a really good magic show can be a dazzling experience for many people. But who knew that such tricks and mysteries can be appreciated by dogs too?

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Which one are you?

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6 Illustrations Showing Why Wearing All Black Is Not Always A Good Idea

Wearing all black has its pros and cons.

Black is, without a doubt, one of the top favorite colors of every male and female on this planet. It is the easiest to match with other colors; anyone can pull it off, and it’s perfect for both genders. However, wearing all black is not always a good idea. It actually has its cons that will make you reconsider wearing the matchy-matchy ensemble.

Many believed that buying black outfits is such a great idea. The goal is to mix and match the items that you purchased over the years to make it into a couple of masterpieces. Unfortunately, there are different shades of black that would make your pieces look like two colors once you step out of your house.

Black is considered the easiest color to pull off, which is why people love wearing an all-black ensemble most of the time.

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