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16 Of The World’s Super Thin Buildings





When land is scarce and expensive, there is no way to go but up! This is how the developers of the structures across the world address the problem of limited space. It didn’t stop them from constructing the most fascinating and thinnest buildings in the world.

These slim and towering buildings, however, are more expensive to build because they need an extra exterior wall to ensure safety and quality. Here are the most famous and most photographed thin buildings around the world:

#1. Flatiron Building, USA

Source: Wikipedia
This groundbreaking skyscraper, which is situated at 175 Fifth Avenue is one of Manhattan’s tallest buildings.

It sits on the island block with East 22nd Street and Fifth Avenue, Broadway on both sides while its northern peak faces the 23rd Street.

Source: Wikipedia
The neighborhood around is named Flatiron District.

Flatiron Building is the icon of New York City. In 1989, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

#2. Pancake House, Japan

Source: Oddee

Kamenori (razor) House or the Pancake House is a famous building in Osaka, which is home to a restaurant named “Try Angle.”

#3. Super Thin Building in Nara, Japan

It can be found in Nara in the Kansai Region of Japan.

#4. Icon Building, USA

This Manhattan luxurious rental residence redefines the skyline of New York City.

It boasts of 43 stories with cascading terraces made of large glass. Each floor has three residences with rooms positioned on the corners, offering stunning views through glass walls.

#5. The Gateway, Singapore

Source: Wikipedia

Described as “world-class” architectural structure by the National Library Board, The Gateway is located in the Downtown Core of Singapore.

This 37-storey skyscraper has a height of 490 feet and composed of two buildings-The Gateway East and The Gateway West.

The trapezoid-shaped structures were designed by I. M. Pei, a US-based architect.

Source: Hive Miner
#6. Building in Kisarazu City, Japan

Source: Joseph Tame

This skinny structure has semi-circular balconies, which provide tenants with a 180-degree view of the city.

#7. Skinny Haussmann Building, France

The anarchic street angles in the city of Paris gave way to “thin slice” structures like the Skinny Haussmann Building, the most popular building in the district.

#8. Skinny Building in London, UK

This thin building with an external lift is located in South Kensington, London.

#9. Thin Nagasaki Building, Japan

It is so thin that it fits the side of the road in Nagasaki City. The ground floor has a Chinese restaurant.

#10. Red Building, Japan

Striking in its slimness is the Red Building in the city of Okayama.

#11. Thin Block Tarragona, Spain

This 16-floor building is found in Tarragona, south part of Catalonia.

#12. Sliver Building in Tokyo, Japan

This 12-floor building is one of the thin buildings in the overpopulated district of Tokyo.

#13. John Hancock Tower, USA

The Hancock is Boston’s 60-story building which is the recipient of 1977 National Honor Award from American Institute of Architects and 2011 Twenty-Five Year Award.

This 790 feet high skinny glass tower which was designed by Henry N. Cobb is the New England’s tallest building and the Boston’s tallest for over 30 years.

Its observation deck on the peak was one of its attraction before it was closed due to the September 11, 2001 attack.

Source: Wikipedia
#14. Thin Apartment Building, Italy

In the neighborhood of Caltanissetta Province of Sicily Island, this Italian 3-story building is still occupied based on arranged balconies.

#15. Thin Building in Latin America

Source: Muka

This Latin American slim structure has 15 floors but with no lift. Imagine climbing up every day to any of the upper unit!

#16. Keret House, Poland

Source: Inhabitat
In Warsaw, Architect Jakub Szczesny designed this 1.5 by 0.9-meter house for Israeli writer Etgar Keret.

Source: Fast Company

It now holds the world record of being the narrowest building. It is so tiny that you need to take a hard look to notice it!

As world population grows, expect more of these types of skinny buildings to sprout everywhere. Meanwhile, enjoy the space around you because one day, there is a possibility that you will be living UP there!

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