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15 Food Items You’ve Been Pronouncing Wrong All This time





There’s that awkward moment when you’re eating out at a fancy new restaurant, and you find the perfect dish you want to order for the night. You wonder if you should order something you can actually pronounce so you don’t end up embarassing yourself, or if you should just wing it and hope that whatever comes out of your mouth sounds remotely like the correct pronunciation.

Sound familiar?

The good news is you’re not alone. There are a ton of foreign words on restaurant menus that many people don’t know how to pronounce. So we’ve come up with a list of commonly pronounced foods that you might want to keep in mind the next time you decide to dine at a fancy restaurant.

1. Quinoa – KEEN-wah

1. Quinoa - KEEN-wah


This trendy health food is commonly pronounced the way it’s spelled (KEEN-no-ah), but KEEN-wah is the right way to say it.

2. Gyro – YEE-ro

2. Gyro - YEE-ro

Source: Food Network

JAI-ro? Jee-roo? GAI-ro? Actually, the G sound is silent for this popular Greek sandwich.

3. Acai – ah-sah-EE

3. Acai - ah-sah-EE

Source: Food Network

We can’t really blame you if you used to pronounce it as ah-KAI.

4. Mascarpone – ma-skar-POH-nay

4. Mascarpone - ma-skar-POH-nay

Source: Food Network

This delectable cheese commonly found in tiramisu is not pronounced as “mas-kar-POWN.”

5. Gnocchi – NYAW-kee

5. Gnocchi - NYAW-kee

Source: Food Network

As with many Italian words, the “GN” sound is actually pronounced “NY.” Keep that in mind the next time you’re at your favorite Italian restaurant.

6. Pho – FUH

6. Pho - FUH

Here’s a joke to help you remember this pronunciation:

What do you call the line at a Vietnamese noodle shop?

Pho queue.

7. Foie gras – FWAH GRAH

7. Foie gras - FWAH GRAH


This delectable dish has sparked outrage in animal rights activists, but whether you’re with them or not, you should at least know how to pronounce this!

8. Moët & Chandon – Mwett eh SHA-doh

8. Moët & Chandon - Mwett eh SHA-doh

Source: Moet

If you want to sound like a true class act while ordering this vintage champagne, make sure you pronounce the T.

9. Bruschetta – broo-SKET-ah

9. Bruschetta - broo-SKET-ah

This appetizer is commonly found in Italian restaurants but probably not ordered as often because of its pronunciation.

10. Crudites – kroo-dee-TAY

10. Crudites - kroo-dee-TAY

Source: Food Network

This French dish is basically raw veggies with dip.

11. Prosciutto – proh-SHOO-toh

11. Prosciutto - proh-SHOO-toh

Source: Food Network

Whether you order it at a restaurant or at your local deli, never pronounce it as “pros-kyoo-tow!”

12. Sake – SAH-kee

12. Sake - SAH-kee

Whatever you do, never ever go up to a waiter at a restaurant and ask for some “SEYK.”

13. Vinaigrette – vihn-uh-GREHT

13. Vinaigrette - vihn-uh-GREHT

Source: Elise Bauer

When asked what dressing you want on your salad, this healthy option must never be pronounced “viniga-rette.”

14. Worchestershire – WOOS-tuhr-sheer

14. Worchestershire - WOOS-tuhr-sheer

Source: Walmart

No need to twist your tongue by pronouncing every letter!

15. Niçoise – nee-SWAHZ

15. Niçoise - nee-SWAHZ

Source: Food Network

Want the salad? Say it like this.

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