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14 Qualities Of A Woman That Hint She Might Be ‘The One’





Being in a relationship is hard, especially when you’re already looking for “the one.” This isn’t just a quick hook-up anymore or a trial and error thing. This is the moment when you ask yourself if the woman by your side is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?

There are some sure signs to help you decide if she’s really the one for you. If a woman has these 14 qualities, never let her go.

1. She’s smart

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Lawrence Whalley, professor emeritus of the University of Aberdee said:

“The thing a boy is never told he needs to do if he wants to live a longer life — but what he should do — is marry an intelligent woman. There is no better buffer than intelligence.”

2. She’s honest

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Everyone makes mistakes and your perfect woman is no exception. But she will be honest with you no matter what.

3. She’s positive

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Having a positive partner in life will give you more inspiration and happiness.

4. She compromises

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It’s not all the time that two people agree. However, a partner who can compromise will lead to a healthier relationship.

5. She thinks you’re funny

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6. She’s open-hearted

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Men find women who are open-hearted to be more attractive than those who are secretive.

7. She supports you all the way while pursuing her own goals

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She is your number one fan and is always happy for you. She doesn’t see your achievements as a threat. At the same time, she has her own ambitions to fulfill as well.

8. She’s good with her parents

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9. She’s kind

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Psychologist John Gottmann of the University of Washington said:

“They are scanning social environment for things they can appreciate and say thank you for. They are building this culture of respect and appreciation very purposefully“.

10. She keeps calm during fights

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If your woman keeps her cool in a fight, she can then calm you down. This allows for civilized disagreements.

11. She enjoys foolish momens with you

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Couples are the happiest when they do leisure activities together.

12. She lives her life

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Study author Terry Orbuch said:

“When individuals have their own friends, their own set of interests when they are able to define themselves not by their spouse or relationship, that makes them happier and less bored.”

13. She accepts you for who you are, even your flaws

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She sees the good in you more than your flaws. She accepts you for who you are and not for who society think you should be.

14. She doesn’t let grudge dictate her life

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