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12 Quick Fixes For Your Clogged Drain Before Calling A Plumber

Don't give up hope just yet. You can fix your clogged drain by trying these simple tips!

When the water’s not going down the drain as it normally should, you know you are in for a big headache.

Before picking up the phone and calling a plumber though, we suggest you try these 12 quick fixes we’ve shared below. You just might save some money and, you know, feel good about your newly-acquired DIY skills.

#1. Dish detergent.

Source: WikiHow

Yes, that dish detergent sitting beside your sink can be used for clogging. In fact, you can prevent a clog before it even happens when you pour a cup of it down the drain. Pour some hot water too and this combination will break greasy gunk from forming.

#2. Plunger.

Well not on your face, buddy! Go give your clog some push using a plunger. The water will soon begin to drain again if the problem isn’t that bad yet.

#3. Boiling water.

Source: TidalWaveGA

There are instances when a good old boiling water pretty much does the trick. So give this one a try before going for the chemical alternatives.

#4. Fizzy antacid.

Source: Instagram

If boiling water doesn’t cut it, add a fizzy antacid to loosen the gunk.

#5. Baking soda and vinegar.

Source: Mom4Real

Pour half a cup each of baking soda and vinegar to your drain. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then finish the job by pouring some hot water.

#6. Baking soda and lemon juice.

Not a fan of vinegars? Well, you can instead use a better-smelling substitute – the lemon juice.

#7. Borax and salt.

Source: Instagram

Just mix 1/4 cup each of Borax and salt with 1/2 cup of vinegar.

#8. Wire hanger.

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Grab one of your wire hangers, straighten it out, and then bend an end into a hook. You can use this to fish out hair or junk that might be inside your drain. Click the play button and check out how it’s done.

#9. Zip tie.

Source: LifeHacker

Slice a zip or cable tie along the edges and then use it. This can be good in catching some hair.

#10. Soda bottle.

Got some spare soda bottles in the house? Cut it into a long ribbon as seen in the photo and use it for those gunks that are just too hard to reach.

#11. The Tubshroom.

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Want to avoid the hassles in the first place? Get a Tubshroom – a “shower drain protector” that catches hair that tries to pass through. Watch the video above and see it in action.
#12. Final tip before calling the plumber.

Source: Instagram

Your drain’s still clogged at this point? This is your final option before calling the plumber.

Get a bucket and place it under the sink. Loosen the slip nuts and remove the u-bend. Dig out clumps and scrub the gunk using an old toothbrush and then put everything back.

Got any anti-clogging techniques to share? Go hit us up in the comment section!

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