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12 Naturally-Shaped Islands That Will Blow Your Mind




#7. Spratly’s Boomerang Island


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Situated on the coasts of the Philippines, Malaysia, and southern Vietnam is Boomerang Island. People say this piece of land is abundant in gas and oil deposits. Boomerang Island actually belongs to the much-disputed Spratly islands.

#8. Philippines’ Crocodile Island


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Those who have gone to Boracay—one of the Philippines’ most famous tourist destination—probably saw this crocodile-shaped island, which is only 20 minutes away from the white beach. This island is a perfect spot for snorkeling.

#9. Fiji’s Phallic-shaped Island


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Mavuva Island, which is located off Vanua Levu, became popular due to its amusing shape. This stunning, tropical paradise has beautiful white beaches and great surfing spots.

#10. Hawaii’s Moon Island


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Do you love looking at the moon? Molokini Island, which is situated between Maui and Kaho’olawe looks just like a crescent moon. Many tourists are attracted to the island’s stunning coral reef that is home to at least 200 different types of fish.

#11. Croatia’s Fish Island


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Amidst the perfect, clear, blue waters of the northern Adriatic Sea lies Brijuni. It is a group of 14 small islands in Pula, Croatia. People say 200 dinosaur footprints were discovered here.

#12. Italy’s Sirenuse or Dolphin Island


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Dolphin lovers will surely love seeing the island that can be found near Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy, between the Isle of Capri and Positano village. Sirenuse is a dolphin-shaped island named after the enchanting Sirens in Greek mythology who visited the island and tempted Ulysses using their seductive voices when he was on his way home.

Do you know any other naturally shaped islands we might have missed? What can you say about these islands? Share us your thoughts in the comment section.

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