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11 Easy Things Lazy People Can Do To Be Healthy

Feeling too lazy to hit the gym? Here are a few things you can do to be healthier!

If you’re pretty much like most normal people, then waking up early in the morning to go to the gym or jog around the park is not your idea of starting your day. More so eating a salad for lunch instead of that juicy burger at the diner you love to frequent. The good thing is there are simpler ways for you to start getting yourself healthy if you’re starting to feel like a slob and you don’t really need to do so much just yet.

Stop slouching

Source: Robin Corps

Sitting in front of a computer the whole day can make you prone to slouching which in turn results to back pains. It’s pretty unattractive to any onlooker, so you might as well start sitting (and standing) up straight. Aside from helping your neck and back when you sit up straight, you also lower the cortisol levels in your brain, and end up being more confident.

Cut down on sugar

Source: Foodie Baker

Just like with everything else, eat in moderation. Sure, you deserve that dessert after a stressful day at work, but when cut back on the sugar intake you lessen the risk of long term illnesses or conditions.

Get a massage

Did you know that getting a massage at least once a month actually has good health benefits? According to massage therapist, Patrick Smith, “Massage calms the body and spirit, breaks up adhesions, and boosts the immune system.” Treat yourself to one, stat.

Sit on the floor

For at least half an hour each day, sit on the floor to allow your body to unravel and increase its flexibility. Open your legs, or Indian sit if you want, the important thing is to stretch your back so you can loosen your hips and relieve yourself of the back pains.

Ditch the easy way

Source: Moyan Brenn

If you’re meeting with friends somewhere and it happens to be easily accessible by foot, don’t take the car and walk instead. If you can take the stairs instead of the elevator on your way to work, do so. These little steps can help you achieve a better you.

Set an alarm for each hour

Source: Joi Ito

When at work, we often get too busy to take time off and stretch from our seats. After each hour, stretch, stand or walk around for a few minutes. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Don’t go to the grocery when you’re hungry

Source: Mike Schmid

There will be a tendency for you to purchase items you don’t really need or want and buy food that won’t be good for you. List down items that will help you achieve a fitter and healthier you before you go to the grocery.

Eat more seafood

The omega-3s that is found in seafood is said to help reduce cardiac arrest. Seafood such as salmon and shrimps are low in calorie but high in protein and omega-3. A perfectly good excuse to go have that salmon steak for lunch.

Focus and train your feet

Source: MrHicks46

When you train your feet, your whole body benefits as you depend on them for a lot of things. Use a tennis ball to massage your feet every single day.

Get more sleep

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To recharge the body, you need at least seven to nine hours of good sleep every single day. Instead of wasting those precious hours scrolling through your Instagram feed, put down your phone and lay in bed and start going to dreamland.

Take probiotics daily

Source: cbslocal

Probiotics are good bacteria that help your digestive system function normally which in turn help your immune system in the long run. According to registered dietician Brooke Alpert, ” Poor GI health can lead to irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance, gas, bloating, and uncomfortable abdominal cramping.”

So if you’re a lazy bloke who doesn’t want to be bothered with going to the gym on a regular basis or simply doing a lot of activity, consider doing the things above and you just mightachieve a better and fitter you by the end of the year.

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